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Pencil Pleat Curtains Buying Guide for Residential Places

Curtains have been used to dress up the centuries for centuries. Their primary purpose of hiding the windows, making them appear more beautiful and have to keep the interior at a moderate temperature. Curtains nowadays have evolved a lot. They are much more functional and aesthetic than in the past. 

Every style gives a different look to your place, so if you are planning on my mind, a new pair of draperies find out how to select heading with work. For an equally contemporary and traditional look, we recommend you to go for readymade pencil pleat curtains. They instantly transform your place from drab to fab by adding drama and interest to it. If appropriately chosen, a set of readymade pencil pleat curtains will give your home a finished and polished look.

In this article, we have combined an essential guide to ready made curtains and  pencil pleat curtains comprising their introduction and purchasing tips so that you can go through their features and buy the perfect one for your house.

What are pencil pleat curtains?

As their name indicates, they have pencil-like pleats at the top, which are tightly packed. The heading tape contains three layers of strings that are mounted at three different positions. These prints are used to adjust the width of the panels and customize the height. These settings are used to pull the fabric and adjust the width; once the desired width is obtained, the cords are knotted on both sides.

 The heading tape has pockets that run horizontally through at different positions, which are used to insert the hooks and adjust the height. The plus point of these panels is that they can be hung both on rod and track.  They offer a neat and tidy look, which makes them suitable for all interiors.

Tips for buying readymade pencil pleat curtains 

How to hang? 

An excellent place to start video curtains is to consider how you are supposed to hang them? Do you prefer using a pole, track, or a runner? A pole contributes to the overall look there for you. It would be best if you give equal attention to the poll and the choice of ornamental stops at each end of the rail. If you go for a runner, they will create a more sleek and organized look. 

No matter if you go for a pole for the runner, pencil pleat curtains are compatible for both.

Choice of fabric material

Before finalizing the fabric material for your panels, you should determine their purpose. Figure out whether you want to achieve a complete blackout or you want the sunlight to wake you up every morning? Also, figured out what you want to achieve for a casual look? Considering the traffic and the place where you are hanging, then it is also the right choice.

Now when it comes to choosing the fabric for a formal and sophisticated look, you should go for heavy silk or crushed velvet. For achieving blackout and regulating the interior temperature, you should buy a premium quality blackout or thermal fabric backed with foam or rubber only.

On the contrary, if you want a sun-kissed place, going for cotton, linen, and sheer material is the best choice. It is worthy of mentioning here that if you have substantial traffic in your place or have kids or pets, you should avoid buying delicate fabrics such as sheer, velvet, or lightweight silk.

The place you are buying from

Curtains are a great investment not only financially but also from a styling point of you. Pencil pleat curtains require mode fabric. Therefore, they are extensive when compared with other heading styles. Now when you are investing quite a handsome amount of money in them; you should make sure that the store you are buying from offers premium quality products only.it is best if you know the manufacturers or the suppliers of the relevant store.

If you are buying online, you are advised to visit two to three different stores and go through each section thoroughly and read the reviews. Compare the prices and reviews of each store to figure out the best one.

On the contrary, you can ask your friends and families for the recommendations and buy from their recommended places.

What makes Imperial Rooms’ Pencil Pleat Curtains different from others?

  • They help to Enhance and embolden your spaces with beautiful & elegant pencil pleat curtains.
  • Change the appearance of the room with exciting color schemes.
  • We provide the matching door curtains and living room curtains in pencil pleat style as well.
  • To create a complete blackout, you can buy the pencil pleat blackout curtains.
  • For perfectly rich and soothing look, we offer you the crushed velvet curtains in pencil pleat style.

What makes Imperial Rooms the best online store?

Imperial Rooms have an expert team that has excellent knowledge and skill relevant to the curtains. We deliver modern curtains online worldwide and have a wide range of color schemes. Our designs are fresh and are readily available to you in a few simple clicks. We are available 24/7 to serve you and answer your queries. You can go through easily through all sections of our curtains’ collection and click on each of them to know more about the details. You can also click on the popup message to inquire us anything about our products.

To buy pencil pleat curtains, imperial rooms is the best place to visit. We offer a wide range of selection and high-quality curtains. Imperial Rooms deliver the excellent quality readymade curtains to valuable clients at affordable rates.

Modern pencil pleat curtains are popular among people and are designed precisely by our team. They suit both modern and traditional decor effectively. With our wide teal, white, blue, and cream pencil pleat curtain collection, you can have a stress-free shopping for your ready made pencil pleat curtains online.

With our compilation, you can easily upgrade your living space. We offer a wide choice of colors, themes, featuring textured and style. Our bright and vibrant, ready made pencil pleat curtains collections are ideal for bringing the versatility and lease of vitality to an extent.

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