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Pathways To RPL For Permanent Residency

Individuals, especially foreign students do search for residency in Australia, as is one of the most appealing choices for their future. Students from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Southeast Asia go to Australia to study at a reputable Australian college. As per estimation, more than half of the million students all over the world move to Australia every year for better carrier prospects. If you also intend to move to Australia for further study, it is essential that you apply for an RPL for Permanent Residency before leaving your home country. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of moving to Australia step by step so that you understand everything.

Introduction of RPL for Permanent Residency

Australian Permanent Residency benefits and how it is different from Citizenship:

  • Once you get permanent residency in Australia, you can stay in Australia for an endless period.
  • The person was also entitled to have the benefits of a national health scheme, such as Medicare.
  • You will also be eligible for applying for loans in Australian banks and also can buy properties.
  • A person can also take benefit of almost all of the governmental schemes.
Pathways to RPL for Permanent Residency:

Australian migration program is open for everyone who wants to apply for it. It does not discriminate on the basis of color, religion, race, or gender. If you, too, are non-resident and want to avail yourself of the opportunity to reside in Australia. You must choose any of four visas – skilled visa, sponsored visa, business visa, and student visa.

The most well-known pathways for international students are:
  1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  3. Skill Work Regional/ Provisional Visa (491)
Eligibility for permanent residency:

If you’re a student looking for permanent residency, you must fulfill few specific requirements first. It would be best if you got your skills tested from Engineers Australia or ACS. In order to get your skill check, you must submit an RPL Australia report and CDR report, consisting of your overall performance, work experience, educational qualification.

You must be eligible in the following areas:

  • Your age must be below 45 years.
  • You must score a minimum of 65 points to get permanent residency.
  • Must be listed in MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) List.
  • Have must have your skill checked by an authoritative body like Engineers Australia or ACS.
  • You must have a medical and character ACS skill assessment.
Time duration to get PR Visa:

The processing time for Permanent Residency Visa varies due to structural differences.

  • Skill assessment: The skill assessment authority takes charge in this step. The response time also depends on how quickly the documents you have sent. Generally, the time frame of skill assessment takes around 45-60 days.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI): An EOI processing stage depends on how much you have scored in the eligibility criteria. The more you score in eligibility criteria, the more you’ll have better chances of receiving the ITA (Invitation to Apply).
  • Character Medical Certificate: Processing time in this stage is quite long. Therefore, as soon as you receive ITA, you must apply for these certificates. This is how you can defer the delay in your visa approval submission.
  • Visa Approval: After you submitted all the required documents for Visa approval, the home affairs department goes through your profile thoroughly. If your documents appear satisfactory for them, your application might take three to five months for processing.
  • Preparation for Departure: You must move to Australia within six months after your visa gets approved.
The point system for traveling to Australia:

The point system is as follows:

  • 10 points for individual applicants.
  • 10 points if the applicant has a skilled spouse or partner.
  • 15 points if you are nominated by states or territorial government.
  • 10 points if you have STEM qualifications.
  • 5 points of your spouse have competent English proficiency skills.
Get Permanent Residency (PR) with Temporary Graduate Visa:

If you’re struggling to fulfill the Skill independent Visa conditions, the temporary graduate visa provides you an excellent opportunity. As per this strategy, you can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485. Which will help you to gain permanent residency later. Using this visa, you can temporarily stay and take up a job.

Then you can enhance your English language ability and gather work experiences, which will later help you to get the PR.
  • To apply for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), you must note the following points:
  • An applicant must have completed a course in Australia, duration of 2 years.
  • The Post-study workstream and graduate workstreams are two workstreams.
  • You must submit the visa applications directly via DIBP.
There are other visa categories as well.
  • Skill Independent Visa (Subclass 189): This Visa is suitable for you only if you are a skilled worker. Moreover, this visa doesn’t need any sponsorship. The price of this visa application starts from AUD 4045. Additional charges will be applicable for family members of the applicant. The additional cost might be required for other criteria such as police certificates, medical examinations, skill assessment costs, English language tests, etc.
  • Skilled nominated Visa (Subclass 190): This Visa would be applicable to those who have a nomination from any Australian or territory state. You have to prove that your occupation exists in the Skilled Occupation List. To avail of this visa applicant must be under 45 and above 18. They must have sponsorship from Australian territory or state. The applicant must pass the skill assessment, English proficiency, and character checks.
  • Skilled regional/Provisional Visa (Subclass 491): To avail of this visa, you must show that you meet the required skill set and you have a sponsor from any state or territory.
  • Australian investor Visa (Subclass 891): This Visa is applicable for those who want to start a business or invest in the Australian market. With this visa, you have the opportunity to stay in Australia endlessly.

To avail of the investor visa, you must acquire the subclass 188 visa first, for at least one year. Then you must show proof of staying in Australia for more than two years in the time span of the last 4 years. You also need to have an investment worth 1.5 million AUD for at least 4 years. You and your family member must meet the health and character requirements.

Other eligibility conditions are as follows,
  • The visa applicants must have ownership of at least 50,000 AUD for a minimum of 2 years of the fiscal year.
  • A minimum value of net personal and business property must be at least AUD 800,000.
  • An applicant must score 65 points to apply for the visa.
  • The processing time of this visa takes from 20 months to 24 months, and the cost is around AUD2935. The benefits of subclass 891 visas are as follows:
  • Investors will have the opportunity to stay endlessly.
  • They’re can travel in and out for five years.
  • The family members will also fall under this visa.

As we have described all the procedures to apply for permanent residency in Australia. To apply for RPL for Permanent Residency, carefully follow the procedures above and keep all of the required information in mind. For further detailed information, you can check the home department website. Want to know more about RPL Australia? Contact us today.

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