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Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh

The internet has in recent days become the most embraced channel that facilitates purchases, including medicines. Taking advantage of this vehicle, pharmacies are investing more and more in the pharmaceutical e-commerce modality.

And Bangladesh as one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of internet marketing and technology is, however, not left out. online medicine store in Bangladesh is, no doubt, increasing on a daily basis. Presently, there are a handful number of online medicine store in Bangladesh, some which are delivering medicine and OTC (over-the-counter) drugs all over the country and other in some cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, etc., effectively taking medical products to the doorsteps of their customers.


What to Consider before setting up an Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh


To implement this new sales concept, it is necessary for online pharmacies in Bangladesh to follow some rules. As in the physical establishment, e-commerce for handling pharmacies also follows safety standards. Among them, the presence of the responsible pharmacist during opening hours is essential. It is only this pharmacist who will be able to carry out the release of medicines, both on the internet and by other remote means.

In the case of online pharmacy, the order is placed through the establishment’s own website or network. Therefore, it is necessary to have the following information on your main page:

  • Trade name and corporate name, with address, telephone number, logo and opening/closing hours;
  • Sanitary Permit or License according to the current legislation and issued by an appropriate authority;
  • Operating authorization;
  • Among others.


How Does the Online Pharmacy Logistics Operation Work?


The online pharmacy logistics operation needs planning since the entire profitability of the business depends on it. As there are many products for sale, it is necessary to pay attention from the storage of the products to their safe delivery to the customer. This requires good management of handling the online medicine store, as well as the participation of several sectors of the pharmacy. Among them, marketing, online sales team, inventory management, customer service, among others. All working in tune so that customers would have a great experience when buying from any online pharmacy in Bangladesh.

Besides, appropriate care must also be taken with the product mix, which includes chemical medicines and those that require refrigeration, as well as cosmetics and others. That is, some require special shipping and with great care. In addition to paying attention to the ideal type of shipping, another important point is the delivery time. Handling online medicine stores in Bangladesh, however, needs to provide accurate information about this customer service to enable you to win customer trust.

This factor deserves a lot of attention since they are medicines and the customer needs them immediately. Besides, due to the number of products, it becomes complex to maintain a stock available for all medicines. Within the logistics operation of online pharmacy, it is also necessary to pay attention to the sales control of some products. That is, many drugs require a prescription, while others are not released for sale.

As you have seen, the role of logistics for online pharmacy in Bangladesh and any other place around the world is very important. And to achieve a desirable success, you can count on this logistics in addition to other essential measures capable of winning customer’s loyalty and promote brand image.


Growth of Online Pharmacy in Bangladesh and Its Benefits


The pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh is investing more and more in e-commerce, a modality that grows every day. With e-commerce for handling pharmacy, it is possible to reach different customers and increase sales. This is a sector that is becoming positive for both pharmacies and customers all over Bangladesh.

Through an online medicine store in Bangladesh, you can get a wider range of new sales categories, different from what happens in physical stores. In addition to medicines, customers find products for hygiene, baby items, fitness, beauty, orthopedics, and cosmetics. And through non-medicated products, pharmacies can obtain a higher income, in addition to new partnerships with manufacturers.

Undoubtedly, everyone wins in an online pharmacy, since customers also have benefits, as they can find virtually everything they need in one place. This visualization power opens space for new customers, who find discounts and more attractive prices as well as good services on the internet. As a highlight, the convenience of buying and receiving products in the comfort of your home and in a short delivery time is enough to drive more customers for any online medicine store in Bangladesh.

All of these points brought about by the emergence of online pharmacies in Bangladesh have been profitable for both pharmacies and their customers, which now make pharmaceutical e-commerce an excellent option for everyone.

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