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Online Pharmacies in the Era of Corona

Coronavirus has changed the landscape of our society; we have had to take measures unimaginable a year ago. Technology has played a very crucial role in navigating the new normal which supported the precautions necessary to survive the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We have seen how businesses adapt to offer online services to help their consumers or the community they served. One such item was the increased demand of online pharmacies which offered prescription delivery services due to the social distancing measures needed for Coronavirus.

The elderly are at risk

The risk for the elderly has been even greater during Covid19 as they have been hit the most and so many precious lives have been lost in the span of an exceptionally long and heart-breaking year. The United States of America hit the 500,000 Covid19 related death mark a month ago. The number itself is so hard to come to terms with but it is the reality. A reality we must all face

The need for timely medication is crucial for the health of many especially the elderly or people with diseases that require regular medication that cannot be missed. However, they fell in the category of the highest risk to suffer from complication if infected with Coronavirus. Going to pharmacies for medication was a risk that is not to be taken. Even with all the precaution taken including masks, social distancing and hand hygiene, the risk of catching Covid19 still exists.

Online Pharmacies Support

Online pharmacies were able to support countless patients saving from the risk of exposure and having timely prescriptions delivered at their doorsteps. The patient is able to get sorted medication according to the prescription along with the guarantee of receiving refills as and when required.

Coronavirus and mental health

Covid19 brought isolation in our lives, which affected the mental health of so many of us, especially those who did not have family. Loneliness itself can damage our mental state as we are social animals and crave human to human interactions. Simple chores like walking down the street to pick up groceries can lift our mood. The little hellos and smiles make us who we are, beings who need to with their kind to survive.

Covid19 isolation has been emotionally damaging for those who had Covid19 and were left to fight the illness by themselves. The isolation precaution is a necessary step but can be exhausting for a lot of us. The result can be sometimes not taking care of oneself in the long run and skipping out on necessary medication.

This can be simply from fatigue both emotional and physical. Online pharmacies can help such individuals to get sorted medication at their doorstep. We have avoided going to public places and the risk of going to pharmacies even with all the necessary precaution is still there to catch the virus.

Who is at high risk from Coronavirus?

There are multiple groups of people who are at a higher risk of complications if infected with Covid19. They require medication but it is essential for them to take the precautionary measure of staying at home. Patients with cancer or receiving chemotherapy are at a very risk as their immune system is already compromised and Coronavirus can cause serious complications. Such patients can benefit from online pharmacies and order their medication, which is sorted and delivered at their doorstep.

Similarly, individuals with lung issues such as COPD or asthma are at a very high risk. The Coronavirus infects the lungs and catching the virus can lead to serious complications and result in ventilation or even death. People who dialysis are also at risk if they catch the virus thus need to take the precautionary steps very seriously.

Many of us have diseases that require constant management such as diabetes which need insulin or medication at regular intervals otherwise there can be life threatening complications. Online pharmacies ensure that such individuals receive their medication on time and at their convenience. The risk of complications for a diabetic patient from coronavirus is higher thus they should not risk going out unless absolutely necessary.

Online pharmacies have proved their necessity during the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to play a major role in healthcare delivery. The effectiveness of an automated system of medication delivery is not only convenient but also hassle free for patients.

Get vaccinated ?

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel with the advent of the Covid19 vaccine and it is essential to get yourself vaccinated, not only for yourself but the ones you interact with especially your loved one.

We have seen how one person who might be showing no symptoms infect everyone around them leading to serious complications and even death within these communities. We still need to exercise caution and take all the necessary precautions such as social distancing, wear masks whenever we step out of our home and regular handwashing.

We have proved to ourselves that in the face of adversity we can survive, we can adapt, and we can soar even higher. It has been a tough journey for so many who lost loved ones, lost their jobs and had their lives turned upside down.

The past year has given us time for introspection and shown us how we can live our lives in the face of adversity. We will look back in wonder how we survived but survive we did.

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