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On this page, or category, you will find lots of coloring pages. Under this name we have included all those drawings that are line art, simply have outlines and can be colored however our readers and children like.

MondoFantastico is an online magazine (web magazine) dedicated to children and from the day we created it, January 2013, we are therefore little ones !, we are only creating new designs to propose.

Sometimes the drawings represent cartoon characters, children’s darlings, known and less known, other times they are unknown to most. You will find drawings of the stegosaurus to color, an now extinct animal, but also ants and butterflies, passing by dogs and kittens.

It is up to each of you to choose what to color. Children and parents are welcome on our pages and Violetta and I (Marina) very much hope you like them.

Coloring is one of the favorite pastimes of children, both small and older, they only change shapes, colors and methods. We suggest to mothers and fathers to choose more or less simple drawings according to the age of the child who has to color them.

For adults and older children to stay inside the lines is very simple, but for those who are now learning to become familiar with pencils and markers, or brushes, it is certainly more difficult. The dexterity is learned with practice and learning to move the hand is not so simple.

Being inside the side dishes for the little ones is really challenging. For this reason it is always better for them to choose very simple designs, so that they can color them effortlessly and not get nervous because they are wrong or cannot.

Having the feeling of being incapable is really bad, you feel defeated. it makes you want to quit and never do it again. If, on the other hand, the drawing is within the reach of the child, he will color it with joy and in the end he will feel satisfied and satisfied.

Very nice coloring drawings are freely available on the online coloring site: Värityskuvat keeps you entertained and learning, keeps you busy, and also has a purpose: to help you acquire craft skills, that is, day become more and more proficient in controlling hands and using tools: pencils, markers, brushes, chalks, etc. above.

Our coloring drawings can be printed with a normal black and white printer and colored as you like. Pencils are the best tool for younger children, followed by non-toxic and water-based markers.

Depending on the age, colored chalks and brushes with tempera can be used. But children really like to color with their hands or fingers, have you ever tried? In this case, choose very simple designs like this bear, or even simpler ones.

coloring pokemon-varityskuvat
coloring pokemon-varityskuvat
coloring harrypotter-varityskuvat
coloring harrypotter-varityskuvat

coloring pokemon-varityskuvat

You can also print them larger to make your job easier.

For the little ones

For younger children we suggest coloring drawings such as clouds, houses, the sun, the moon, they will be their first jobs. In the same way, if it is the mother or father who colors, it is always better to choose simple drawings. Children learn a great deal through observation and copy adults and older siblings.

As for coloring with your fingers or other tools, such as with straws, you will find nice articles that are real fun . If you are a kindergarten teacher and you want something for the children to color, you can choose a drawing that is the same for everyone and print it many times.

You can also make greeting cards for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, and birthdays. You can also use them in moments of boredom.

With coloring pages you can also teach colors, introduce things and animals. Very often we do this by providing the coloring drawings with a few explanations of general interest or by telling a short story.

For the little ones who still do not know how to do it, parents and older siblings will be able to read them.

Paint inside the edges

For the little ones it is almost a titanic undertaking, but then over time they learn. It seems simple to us, for them it is not. I remember how angry and nervous my children got when they couldn’t! And then they also start crying.

The anus acquires mobility with time and exercise. Learning to color is a step towards learning to write, but don’t push them. You don’t even need to tell them, they’ll figure it out for themselves, if you show them quietly,

Show them how to do it, the rest is a matter of time and calm. Generally children are always quite rowdy and never have time !!!

Complex designs

The more children grow, the better they are and the coloring pages can be more complex and elaborate, with houses, meadows, clouds, sun , bridges and particular figures. There are characters from cartoons and television series, but also from comics.

Once the design is finished it’s a nice idea to hang it up. The best place, it is practically the most popular even in the movies, is the refrigerator door , but the walls of the children’s room are also not bad.

You can frame it, at Ikea you can find cheap colored frames, or create them with the children. It will be one more reason for fun and games. Or you can use it as a greeting card for someone.

Children will be delighted and will feel proud of themselves. We adults like to feel this way too!

Coloring pages with tempera

They are more difficult. Not only for the drawing itself, but for the use of the brush, however, children like to color with tempera . The result may be much less accurate, but what does it matter? Children tend to wet the brush a lot and fill it with color so the sheet, if it is simple paper, gets soaked with water and becomes soft.

It forms the folds and in some cases it even punctures. It’s normal. They suggest you use a plastic to avoid damaging the table and a cardboard as a base for coloring. You can do the drawing yourself, perhaps tracing it from one already done.

There are tons of ways to color, all of which are extremely fun and useful when we need a moment of calm and tranquility. What do you think? Do you like coloring pages ? Day after day you will find more and more, but if you have a favorite and you can’t find it, you can write to us, we will do our best to put it online as soon as possible.

There will also be animals and plants, flowers, to help understand nature, and if you are interested we also have a magazine dedicated to nature and animals, as well as the one dedicated to pets. In the world of pets you will find lots of useful information also suitable for children, to understand what you do when you adopt a puppy and how to take care of it.

Children love puppies and if we can’t have them, at least let’s make sure they can color them, what do you think?

We are young, but we grow up quickly and day after day we will enrich the page with many new coloring pages !

Stay with us! and if you like, write us or send us your comments, we are open to dialogue, indeed, we would really like to hear from you.

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