Online career accelerator by pursuing an online education degree


Do you aspire to a new or accelerated career, but don’t want to commit to a four-year online career accelerator program? Surprised, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree! Today’s associate degree programs take only two years and you can achieve one through an online career accelerator college. Surprisingly, there are 3.2 million higher education students in the US who are pursuing courses online and you can be one. (Sloan Survey of Online Learning, Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States).

There are many exciting and well-paid careers that just need an associate degree. Consider the graphic design, radiologist technology, licensed practical nursing, paralegal, and dental hygiene. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects these works as one of the fastest-growing ones in 2006. Here are some facts about a well-paid career that only requires an associate degree.

Graphic Design

Many are unfamiliar with graphic design. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says graphic designers have the highest job opportunities in design. Employment opportunities increased by 9 to 17% between 2007 and 2014.

“Success in this industry is entirely based on creativity and skills so if you have natural artistic abilities. There are many possibilities,” said Jason Rich. A career expert and author of the 202 high-paying jobs, who said the 202 high-paying jobs you could land without a college online career accelerator (Entrepreneur Press 2006).

A two-year, collaborative program will help you develop artistic skills and either start a business or find a position in a corporation. A graphic designer earns $29,400 to $50,800 per year. If you love art, it’s a great career for you.

online career accelerator by pursuing an online education degree
online career accelerator by pursuing an online education degree

Radiologist Technology

A radiologist technologist (RT) is part of a healthcare team, capable of helping diagnose internal problems and illnesses. A radiologist technologist involves interaction with patients and, in some ways, similar to being a nurse. RT X-rays chat and inject non-radioactive materials into the blood flow of patients to help diagnose the illness. This field of study can lead to further studies in CT scanning, MRI technology, and radiation therapy. An RT earnings $36,200 to $52,400 annually.

Assistant to physical therapist

The requirement of assistants to physical therapists expected to increase by 27% or more over the next eight years. This career can prepare you to go to massage therapy or sports medicine. The annual average salary is $31,000 to $44,000. As the baby boomer population gets older, physical therapists will need a huge need for assistants. If fitness and sports are your love, consider this career as a gateway to those areas.

Medical Transcriptional

A medical transcriptional listens to and transcribes recordings made by doctors and other health care workers. The information turns into medical reports, letters, and other documents. BLS expects the work to grow by 18 to 26% over the next eight years. Hourly wages run from $11.50 to $16.30. The biggest truth about this career is that it can be done at home! If you have children to care for, it can be a career for you.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Licensed practical nurses work in hospitals, home health care, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and outpatient care centers. They do a lot of work for registered nurses. The work is expected to grow at an average rate for LPNs working in hospitals, but the job growth rate for those working at other venues will be around 27%. The salary rate is expected to increase from $34,000 to $40,600 per year.

Paralegal and Legal Assistant

The jobs of paralegal and legal assistants are also expected to increase by 27% or more in the next eight years. They earn from $39,000 to $50,000 per year, which is extremely well paid for someone with an associate degree. Top-paid jobs can be found in the federal government and large law firms, but are available in most cities.

When considering online education, consider the opportunities that an online career accelerator can provide. Your career prospects may include business, education, information technology, health, law, and more. According to the National Science Foundation, more than a fifth of those employed in science and engineering hold less than a bachelor’s degree , of which 17% have a collaborative degree. If you’re not sure how much education you want to promise, an online associate degree is a good, first step. Students often choose an online, collaborative degree to become experts in a field or pursue a well-paid career while considering more online career accelerator college degrees.

5 Easy Ways to Accelerate Acoustic Guitar Learning Curve

Playing guitar can be a relaxing entertainment, hobby, or even career that would suit most people whether they’re playing for leisure time, for church, or at concerts. With internet access, there are literally tons of guitar courses that allow you to learn at your own time and speed. With this, here are 5 simple but essential ways for you to accelerate your acoustic guitar learning curve.

  1. Consistent practice as your daily routine
Makes the practice perfect.

Whether you’re doing guitar, piano, cooking or anything else is undeniably true. As long as you have a proven system and continue to work on it every day, you will improve normally in no time.

So start practicing by playing your guitar consistently as your daily routine.

  1. Play slowly and accurately

The most common problem most newcomers face is just to be impressed and rush through a song to finish. Because the song that is basically good is rather bad and gets suppressed with all the note-off-keys and going in the wrong direction.

The right track is to start slow but accurately when it comes to playing all song notes. Once you got the pace right, then you started playing slowly quickly. That’s what most professional guitar players like Keny Rogers do and why you should follow it to enjoy the same level of success.

  1. Keep your guitar away from cupboards or carrying cases

If you are really passionate and serious about guitar, you should keep your guitar away from the closet or carry a case unless you are sleeping at home or needing to carry a guitar without being awkward in public.

This is especially when you are starting and are yet to master the basics and fundamentals. The best way is to put the guitar by your bed so that when you wake up, you will instinctively grab it and start practicing.

If you have trouble standing your guitar against your bed, go and buy a guitar stand. Trust me when I say it’s a worthwhile investment because it will help you master your guitar quickly and easily if you really want to.

  1. Memorize the guitar freight board

The guitar’s freight board is very similar to typing memorized piano keys and keyboard characters.

But once you get them into your head, you shouldn’t have trouble playing as well as the natural pro in no time. Still, as I said before and again, you have to do it consistently before you see any improvement in the results.

Then you can start playing without seeing the guitar board because you have already memorized and have mastered all you need by then.

  1. Invest in the right guitar course

Although there are many guitar courses online, only a handful of them actually help new ones learn and master by meeting their expectations in terms of easy understanding and step-by-step strategy.

Search Google for review. Find out what people are saying or if there is any testimony at all on those sites. Do the same in online marketplaces like Amazon and Click Bank.

If there is no testimony, look at the content it is really just a presage pitch by the reviews or marketers to earn.

Investing in a right or wrong guitar course can really create or break your learning curve.

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