Office Aesthetics: The Latest Design Trends for the Workplace

There are about 5.9 million commercial buildings in the United States. That totals about 97 billion square feet of commercial space, a lot of which is office space. For the year 2020, these spaces were left mostly abandoned as people stayed home.

This year at home has influenced office aesthetics, and we are now seeing more home-inspired design trends. These trends will inspire you to give your office a post-pandemic return makeover.

Feeling of Home

With everyone getting a taste of what it’s like to work from home, more office interior designers are embracing this workplace design aesthetic in the actual office. The goal is to provide a level of comfort and a feeling of protected safety.

To do this, add elements that are traditionally used in home decor. Spread an area rug on the floor and arrange a sofa with armchairs over it. Skip the harsh fluorescent lighting and add soft lighting.

If you have a larger budget, consider replacing the commercial carpeting or linoleum flooring with engineered hardwood. This adds warmth to the office and creates a home-like aesthetic.

Flexible Spaces

Following the trend of home-inspired interior design, office layout trends are becoming more flexible. They are also losing the open concept for something a bit more intimate. In home design, it’s referred to as “zoned layout,” but you may hear it called “pod-area layout” in office design.

This new style of layout is a blend between open and closed off. It’s more comforting and cozy than a totally open floorplan yet also more open than an office that’s closed off with walls. Companies find this design to be more flexible because you can easily convert the zoned spaces for what you need them for.

Light Colors

Office design trends have moved towards lighter colors. Grey has been the trending color for home interior design, so it was only a matter of time before it made its way into the office. You will see shades of grey paired with other neutrals like shades of green.

It makes sense that these colors are trending because they look beautiful with light wood flooring that is also trending. Companies also use their office as a place to reinforce branding by using their company colors in the decor.

More Natural Light

Fluorescent lighting is harsh on the eyes and invokes feelings of stress in people. Office designers are moving away from artificial lighting and look for ways to add more natural light. However, there is an art to this.

The natural light should be bright but not harsh. Creating a diffused effect is ideal because it brings the light in with the glaring sun. If an office lacks windows, then there are light fixtures that can closely mimic natural light.

This bright natural light is paired with satin and matte finishes. This helps to soften the light and prevents glare from reflective surfaces.

Improve Your Office Aesthetics

The perfect time to improve your office aesthetics is now. As you transition your business back into the workspace, use these tips to improve its aesthetics. Consider painting the interior, replacing the flooring, and adding natural lighting.

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