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Newest Trends in Construction

For an industry that adapts to new trends slowly, 2020 has hit differently on the construction industry. 2020 and a few preceding years have been quite promising, especially in terms of advancements. All the major trends happening in the construction industry these days focus towards the use of eco-friendly products. These trends not only aim at increasing the profit margins but also aim at cutting down the unnecessary charges. Here are a few products that became trending in terms of eco-friendliness, quality and effectiveness in the last few years.

  • Concealed ceiling

These are perfect solutions to flawless ceilings. They rectify uneven finished ceiling levels. They are easy to install and guarantee faster installation than the traditional systems. Concealed ceilings eliminate the uncertainty associated with proper installation and assures strength durability, safety and aesthetic. They are not only lightweight but also are made with high quality substances. 

  • Aesthetic Floors 

Floors are an important part of a building and that is why the innovation that brings long-lasting, attractive looks to the floors gain acceptance. The use of SCG and SPC floors have been trending because of its unique features. The floors tend to have a natural look and they work perfectly for living, bedroom and even for office floors. 

  • Specific purpose cement

SCG Concrete fabric is a revolutionary technology that combines cement and fibre technology. This concrete fabric has higher flexibility, strength and the ability to maintain its form in any condition. The presence of synthetic fibres and low permeability of SCG concrete fabric halts the expansion of cracks. 

  • Gypsum board

Gypsum board is an epitome of convenience. They are lightweight as well as easier to carry and install. Its resistance against termites, fire, sound, etc. is commendable. It guarantees good thermal and acoustic performance. It is non-combustible and environmentally friendly with no health hazard. Furthermore, gypsum boards add value to the room by being smooth, attractive and seamlessly perfect. 

  • Acrylic Roof

It is a perfect solution for restoring and protecting the commercial roofs. They help in blocking more than 50% of infrared light. This way the interior stays cool without the waste of energy. They are lightweight and long-lasting. It also gives a modern appearance to the buildings.

Innovations are meaningful when they benefit mankind and the environment equitably. ZmartBuild is the building solution experts that bring smart, futuristic and profitable building solutions to the partners. Along with using the most modern technologies, our ultimate aim is to alleviate the project cost, construction time and energy consumption without compromising on sustainability. Partner up for better solutions!

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