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New to CBD? What CBD Products to Use and When

Description: CBD products have flooded the market in different packaging and various functions, but how much background info do we know about them? If you are green about green, this is for you.

Anytime someone mentions a CBD product, such as CBD coffee, the first thing that crosses most people’s minds is the benefit of taking the product, right is? It might be taken to help better manage headaches or improve appetite. Regardless, it strikes the curiosity nerve every time. And that brings us to our focal subject, what are CBD products?

The most elementary explanation is that cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance harnessed from the hemp plant. The hemp is closely related to the marijuana plant, and they are often confused. The main difference is that the marijuana plant has a higher THC content, which is the psychoactive element that makes someone high.

The Main Categories of CBD Products

All CBD products, including CBD tea or CBD chocolate, are divided into these three categories:


These are the products that only have cannabidiol as the hemp plant product. They are mostly used to make medications and are intended for jurisdictions that do not allow any form of THC products in their market. They do not make you high at all.


The broad-spectrum cannabidiol products have all the other hemp plant constituents minus THC and offer benefits from the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol constituents. But you will not get high just like after the isolates.


The full-spectrum CBD products consist of everything, including THC, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol.

When you use a full-spectrum, you experience something called the entourage effect. This is where you experience the maximum impact of the individual elements that blend to help the body.

Examples of Cannabidiol Products

The following products can be made in different concentrations as isolates, broad-, or full-spectrum.


Extracts are the purest CBD products and are mostly waxes, examples being the resin and the crumble. They are the most potent, and for that reason, they are the best for medicinal use, mostly taken sublingually or dabbed.

CBD Oils

Cannabidiol oils are mostly made into droppers like tinctures and sprays and sometimes infused with essential oils for aromatherapy. How to take CBD oil? You may take it through ingesting, inhaling, or applying directly to the skin.

The best thing about oils is that they are easy to dose, and adjusting the dosage is effortless as well. Additionally, it can be beneficial to opt for an organic, vegan-friendly option such as those available from Cannacares. They offer world class CBD oil that you can also subscribe to in order to save money and time – you can sign up to their CBD oil subscription service at

Cannabidiol Cosmetics

Today’s vast CBD market has also reached the cosmetic world adorning it with the best hemp wraps used for massage sessions or a simple skincare routine. In addition to that, we have face masks, shampoos, balms, body creams, and massage oils, mostly used topically.

CBD Edibles

Here you will find items such as CBD gummy bears suitable for headaches and motion sickness. Under edibles, we also have candies, chewing gums, pastries, and basically any CBD consumable. The ideal characteristic edibles have is that they are discrete; no one has to know!

Edibles also include beverages like water, wines, beers, coffee, soda, and tea.

Cannabidiol Pet Products

Pets could also benefit from cannabidiol since they, too, have the endocannabinoid system. They can be made in various forms like dog treats, cat food, livestock supplements, and even oils to add in their water.

CBD Suppositories

Suppositories are basically insertable products usually inserted in the vagina and anus. The majority find it disgusting, but the few that use them see them just as beneficial. Their delivery is almost instantaneous since they head straight into the bloodstream.

CBD Inhalable

These cannabidiol products are inhaled like joints, cigarettes, vapes, and inhalers. These are the best for an immediate effect since they go straight into the brain.

A lot of people like the inhalables, and in this list, they are perhaps the most used CBD products. Talk about saving the best for last! Talk about saving the best for last!


The CBD market is already a big pool of business, but it has just begun. A few years from now, we have more advanced cannabidiol products based on current progress.

What is your choice of CBD product, and why? Could you share with us in the comment section below?


Author’s Bio: Rachel, a 33-years-old woman, has been using CBD products to help cope with chronic migraines. These were suggested by her doctor, and before choosing one, she tried them all.

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