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Myths Revealed For Accident Lawyers

If you are among those people who have just had an accident and looking for auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles here are few things that need to be mentioned and makes it easier for the common man to know more and more about their rights as a citizen has come across an accident. As an accident takes place in your own car there are different terms and conditions for you while if there is any accident that took place in the rental cars then the terms and conditions differ as well.

Here are some of the things that provide you a better understanding of the situation when you have come across any accident.

  • AM I Entitled to rental cars after an accident

If you have just come across an accident and thank God that you are safe as well. Then there are chances that you will be looking for a car for transportation while the one that you were using is at the workshop settling the damages that were incurred due to the accident.

Moreover, it is important to know that according to the law you are entitled to go for the complete replacement or the repair works of the car after negligence in driving has caused you the risk of your life, as well as your vehicle, is damaged. Till then you are waiting for your car you can ask them to provide you with the rental car services and get the damages fixed.

Once you are done with the insurance and inspection remember that most of the insurance companies are trying to accommodate the small and less expensive car. Where they validate the point that you will only need it to travel from one place to another.

But this isn’t true you are going to need your own vehicle and settling for anything less is not acceptable and till then you are entitled to get the rental services as per the requirements of your own.

  • For how long are you entitled to the car

It is important to note that yes to how much time the insurance services are allowing you to take the rental services. Mostly if there isn’t huge damage then you are entitled to get the services for a week and to the topmost maximum of a month.

But after a month has passed and the car is not repaired then you need to discuss the terms with the insurance service provider about it.

  • What kind of car you are eligible to

Well! That depends upon the nature of the car that you were driving when you met the accident. In case you were driving a high-end luxury car then you should try and go for something equivalent to the ones that were driving. And if that’s not possible then you must go for the ones that are comfortable and reliable as well.

  • Personal injury lawyer

Another important thing about them is if there is any physical injury that has been created during the accident then you should try and go for the personal injury lawyer first and book an attorney who could put a solid defense of your case.

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