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Moving Into A Condo? See 7 Tips To Help You Change Without A Headache

We know that moving houses is a job, so planning is good and necessary, isn’t it? To ensure that everything will go well and avoid stress, make a checklist of everything you need to provide to change without a headache. Need some change tips?

To help you, we have already made a list of some fundamental items that cannot be left out when moving into a condo. So take a deep breath, start your planning and count on us so that this experience is pleasant and trauma-free. Come on?

1. See how transport will be

Will you move with all the furniture, objects, and lumber? When hiring a carrier, research well what services you want and how much it costs. After all, some offer only the truck, others already offer a complete packing, loading service and even assist in the assembly of the new house. Also, see if all of your furniture will fit in the truck or you will need to make more than one trip. All of this will impact the price, so avoid unnecessary surprises.

Anyway, remember to request contracts with departure, arrival times, values, payment methods and a list of all your belongings. It is always good to take precautions in case of loss or non-fulfillment of the contract.

2. Check the condominium rules

Moving into a condo for sale in Abbotsford BC or a gated community? Know the rules of times allowed for changes and other living standards. Also, check the rules of your old home, and let everyone know in advance. Choose a day and time that can also make noise, because there can always be some hammering and some holes in the wall.

Also check the accesses and routes of all items in the change. For example, if you are going to live in a building, does it have an elevator? Which size? Will you need to climb stairs? If there are any narrow passageways, check first if all your furniture goes through there. In addition to avoiding the headache of noticing just when your bed does not enter the elevator, all of this can also impact the price of moving porters.

3. Ensure the essentials, detach from the rest.

Are you moving into a condo with nothing or just some furniture? Ensure the basic items to survive in the new house. Usually, you can manage with: bed and mattress (or just the mattress), table and chairs, refrigerator and stove. Also provide some kitchen items, such as plates, cutlery and glasses, in addition to bed and bath items. There, the rest you can improvise and go shopping little by little!

If you already have a full house and want to take everything with you, take advantage of the change to get rid of some things. So, take everything out of the cupboards and separate clothes and objects that you no longer use for donation. You will be surprised at the amount of things you kept without knowing why!

This is one of the most valuable change tips for moving into a condo. After all, a new home calls for new life, and letting go will make you start a lot lighter. You help those in need and even simplify the move with less things to carry.

4. Box and identify everything

The easiest places to get boxes are neighborhood markets or wholesalers. In these places, there are always lots of cardboard packaging available. Another place is the recycling centers in your city, which charge very cheap values.


Once you get the amount needed to make the move, start packing everything. A tip is to take advantage of stuffed animals, cushions and pillows to help cushion the impact of fragile pieces, such as decorative objects, crockery, among other items that can be broken during the journey.

Another important point is to name each box in detail. This will save you time and effort, both in organizing each room and when you need anything specific before finishing the process. If you don’t have the patience to write down item by item, just put the name of the room in the box. When moving into a condo, ensure that each box is already in the right room, to facilitate storage.

5. Don’t forget about bureaucracy

Remember to update your address in all places that send correspondence, such as banks, mobile operator, Internet and TV. If you have a product subscription, be sure to change your registration so you don’t miss any delivery. Update your address also in public bodies.

Cancel all accounts in the old house that were in your name, and check the status of the new house’s facilities. Nothing more unpleasant than discovering at the time of change that the light and gas are off, for example.

6. Last preparations for the week

And here are the latest tips for change: When making a supermarket, buy only enough food for the week. Taking perishable food in a box and forgetting about it will not be cool…

Turn off the fridge and freezer a few days before, to ensure that all the ice has melted and that it will not run down the moving truck. Appliances that heat up must also be turned off the day before they are packed.

7. Prepare a survival kit: you will need it!

It is likely that you will not arrive at the new house with sufficient disposition to decorate the room, set up your wardrobe, organize it and the next day find everything you want. These things will happen on a daily basis, agree?

Knowing this, get a survival kit with two sets of clothes, a set of bed, towel and personal hygiene items, as well as accessories, cell phone, notebook and chargers. If you have a pet, organize the necessary items for your pet.

Moving homes in Abbotsford BC is not an easy task, but we believe that, with planning and our moving tips, it is possible to have legal experience. Although there are some problems (and there always are), the feeling of being in a new place is incredible!

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Vaneet Sethi

Vaneet Sethi is a Successful Real estate agent. He is serving in Surrey, Delta, Langely, Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack area for real estate market over few years. He started his career as realtor under Century21 Coastal Realty Ltd. and grew up as a successful real estate agent with number of happy clients. Now he managed his own company i.e. Abbotsford Houses. The aim of the company to provide the best homes for sale in Abbotsford and its surrounding area.

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