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Most Important Points For Rent A Car In North​ America

You’ve decided to rent a car on your next vacation to the USA, Canada, or Mexico. What are the basics of SUV Rental Service for your next vacation in the USA, Canada, or Mexico? Have you ever rent a car? Are you an international traveler? Are you still unsure what the rental company is trying to sell you at their desk?

So you don’t get any surprises when you arrive to pick up your car, we’ll tell you everything.

Comparison of Debit and Credit Cards

Renting a car was difficult in the past and still is today in Europe. Rental companies wouldn’t accept credit cards. This was due to liability. The rental company would put a hold on your card but not charge you.

This restriction was slowly lifted by larger brands, beginning with Dollar. Most of the biggest rental companies accept debit cards. However, there are still some cases in which you will need a credit card. For example, if your van is rented or you book the vehicle within 24 hours.

Many smaller and local businesses still accept credit cards. Before you book your car, make sure you find out.

Renters do not always accept American Express cards. These cards are preferred by many, particularly Americans, because of the insurance coverage. If you are planning to use American Express, make sure to verify your booking before you book.

Additional fees may apply

Renters need to be aware of any additional fees. Otherwise, they may not be able to pick up the car.

Most of these fees are based on your age. Drivers below 25 years old are usually charged an extra daily fee, up to a maximum. These fees are because rental companies consider less experienced drivers riskier. These fees are included in the final price of your search if you use your actual age or the age you will be when picking up the car if you book far in advance.

There may be additional fees for those who are older than 25.

Crossing Borders International

If you rent in Washington or any other state bordering Canada, you may want to cross the border. This is true even if you rent a car in Canada. It is allowed, although not always. This will most likely be allowed by National, Alamo Avis, Budget Dollar, and Thrifty. To be certain, make sure to ask ahead. Sixt, Fox, and other smaller brands typically won’t allow you to cross the border.

One exception is that you can travel to Washington if you rent from Routes Vancouver. If you are planning a short trip to a nearby state or province, read the rental conditions for each company.

Only certain companies allow travelers to Mexico from the US and vice versa. Only cars rented in Mexico border states are allowed to cross the border. You must also be a US citizen and return to the US. One-way rentals are prohibited.

You can rent a car on the American side of the border if you fly out of or into Tijuana.

Notice: Auto insurance is unlikely to cover your rental car in Mexico or your car. Credit card insurance doesn’t provide liability insurance.

Going over state lines

It is almost a right of passage for Americans to travel from one state to the next on long road trips. It is a great way to learn about the country, whether you’re an American or a visitor from abroad.

Some rental companies restrict the states where their cars are allowed to travel. It also depends on whether you’re flying in from abroad or if you live locally.

The largest brands allow cars driven to any state. Dollar, Thrifty, and Avis are all included.

Sixt allows you to travel to the states within the same area as where you picked up your car. However, not all states are eligible.

In Florida, some smaller businesses and states restrict the use of their vehicles in that particular state. This could lead to penalties and the cancellation of your rental agreement and coverage.

Remember that while most companies allow travel to all states, some may not allow it for residents of certain areas or vehicles. If you are planning to travel to multiple states but not to the exact location you will be renting the vehicle or flying to it, make sure you ask ahead.


Insurance is one of the most complicated aspects of rent a car. Is it necessary? Do you need it? Is your credit card able to cover the car? Is your car insurance able to cover it?

Auto insurance in North America typically covers rental cars, unlike in Europe. Domestic customers are usually not eligible for a Collision Damage Waiver.

Comprehensive car insurance almost always covers rental cars. However, you should still ensure you are cover before renting a car. Keep in mind, however, that smaller companies (especially in Florida) may only accept certain policies. Before you book, read the Rental Conditions to ensure that your insurance policy is accepted.

In most states, rental cars must have minimum liability coverage. Some liabilities may not be required in certain states, such as Florida. The minimum coverage required by a state is usually quite low. However, if you do have your auto insurance, it should cover the additional coverage. You can also purchase additional liability coverage through the rental company, which cannot be purchased online.

Many people also use their credit card coverage. Credit cards typically cover damage to rental cars but not liability coverage. This coverage is often secondary to any other coverage. This coverage is usually available in all countries, not just the USA. (Ireland or Italy are possible exceptions. Be sure to review your credit card policy).

You have two choices if you don’t already have car insurance or credit card coverage. You can purchase insurance online or at the rental desk.

Although it is usually much cheaper to purchase insurance online, you will have to pay rent company costs and then be reimbursed. It is quick and easy, so many renters consider it worth the risk to save significant money.

It is important to note that while your car insurance may be able to cover rentals in Canada, it will almost certainly not cover Mexico. You will charge a flat rate if you rent a Mexican car as an American or Canadian. Then, you will require to buy coverage.

Most American insurance companies won’t insure Mexican cars, so you will have to rent this coverage.


In areas with toll roads, such as Florida, it can be difficult to figure out how to pay for tolls in a rental vehicle.

Many states have made it illegal to accept cash payments or electronic tolls. Most rental companies have a system that allows you to pay tolls. It can include a flat fee or a daily fee.

You can either register your rental vehicle in the pay-by-plate system or pay cash for tolls. Stay tuned to our blog for more information. The budget also has more information.


The Sunpass system in Florida can be a frustrating experience for many renters. There are two types of transponders: one that can remove and one fixed to the windshield. You cannot turn off the one fixed to your windshield.

Some toll roads accept cash. However, if your vehicle has a transponder, it will still register regardless of whether you pay in cash. This can lead to headaches as the rental company may charge you for the toll and an extra fee for not using their package.

Many smaller rental agencies in Florida use this type of transponder. This means you can either skip toll roads entirely or purchase their toll package. This will increase the rental cost. To find out how much you will have to pay to buy their toll package, read the Rental Conditions before you book.

Learn the rules

The rental agreement for a car includes strict rules regarding who can drive it and where. To avoid any hassle or possible fines from your rental company, it is important to be familiar with these rules.

Unpaved roads are a common problem. While this may not be an issue for Western European countries, it is more common in Eastern European countries. This restriction is not always enforced by having a 4×4 vehicle.

It can be confusing to understand the rules about fuel and how much fuel you need to return your car. You won’t be charged extra if the car is returned with the same amount of fuel as it was when it arrived. Also likely be charged for fueling if you do not return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you received it.

Tip: Make sure you find the closest gas station to the airport before leaving your car, so you know where to fill it up when you return it.

You could pay more if you return the car after the time limit. Rental companies usually offer a grace period of one hour, within which you can return your Sprinter van rental bay area without additional charges. You may charge per hour or for a different day.

Only the people on the rental agreement can drive the vehicle. The coverage may cancel if the vehicle is being driven by someone else, or worse, law enforcement could become involved. Make sure you add additional drivers to your contract before signing!

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