Monday Fasting


Monday fast is observed in the name of Lord Shiva. It is the day of Shiva, and observing fast on this day brings immense blessings from Shiva. One can start observing fast from any Monday; however, the first Monday of any month once the full moon is over should be considered.

One may also start observing fast on the day of Shivratri, which is celebrated to remember the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Sometimes new moon falls on Monday, and this day is known as “Somvati Amavasya.” People also consider this day for observing fast on “Somvati Amavasya” as it provides them even more blessings from Lord Shiva.

In different states of India, Monday fasting is observed as per different calendars. Such as in North Indian states, people observe fast majorly in July and August. In South Indian states, people observe fast in Kartik, and in Tamil Nadu, they consider Mondays significant, which fall in Kartigai (November-December).

Monday Fast Rituals

Observing fast on Monday for Lord Shiva is easy and doesn’t need any vigorous practices.

• A devotee should wake up early on Monday morning and take a bath.

• Wear clean clothes, or you can wear white clothes too as white color pleases Lord Shiva.

• Go to the temple and offer water and milk to Lord Shiva. After that, you can apply Chandan Tilak on Shivling, which is called Tripund.

• You can also offer Bhasma and Bilva Patra to Shivling, as these are his favorites. Offering white flowers has its importance too.

• You can then offer incense sticks and chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra or Om NamahShivay while circling the incense sticks.

Pray to Lord Shiva and express your wishes. Be grateful for whatever he has provided you. You can eat fruits and Vrat food such as Sabudana Khichdi during the day. Devotees also keep the Vrat by eating nothing and only drinking water. One can also recite the Shiv Vrat Katha, as this brings more benefits to the observer.

The Vrat can be concluded in the evening by praying to Lord Shiva. At night you can eat your usual dinner. One can also conclude the Vrat the next morning after waking up and taking a bath. Say your prayers to Lord Shiva, and you can start your day normally.

Solah Somvar Vrat for Unmarried Girls

There are many types of Shiv Vrats, which can be observed on different Mondays according to the calendar. SolahSomvarVrat is one of these Lord Shiva’s fasts that one observes for 16 Mondays.

This fast is especially observed by the girls that wish to have a decent husband. Also, the girls who face delay in their marriage observe this fast to get the blessings of Lord Shiva as he removes all the obstructions that get in the way of a girl’s marriage.

This fast is observed on the first Monday of Shravan Month in July and August.

The Fasting Process for SolahSomvar Vrat

• After taking a bath and wearing white clothes, you can go to any Shiva temple or the Puja room where Lord Shiva is established. Worshipping the Shivling has more significance than the picture.

• Start with offering water and milk to Shivling. Further, you can decorate it with flowers, Bel Patra, and Chandan.

• Now recite the Solah SomvarVrat Katha, and conclude the Puja by waving the camphor.

• Bow down to receive the blessing of Shiva and say your wishes in your prayers. You can also offer betel leaves, nuts, fruits, and sweet dishes at the end of Puja.

• Observe the Vrat for the whole day. In the evening, light a lamp or Diya in front of Shivling and conclude your Vrat. This way, you need to observe the fast for 16 Mondays and get your wishes about having a life partner fulfilled.

Other than girls, married couples, too, can observe this fast. It provides them with the divine blessings of Lord Shiva, which strengthens their bond and improve their relationship. While bringing harmony in their relationship, it also brings happiness and peace to a family. Visit Astropedia and get all the details about Monday Rahukalam.

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