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Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter Survey – Aftereffects of our Test Rides and purchasing guide

Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter Survey – Aftereffects of our Test Rides and purchasing guide 

micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

On the off chance that you need an overly smooth and stable ride, Micro Maxi and Little scooters will have your child riding the walkway instantly! Peruse the survey to discover why these Swiss-planned 3 wheels scooters are as well as can be expected purchase! 

The Micro Kickboard line of scooters is first in class quality and like no scooter you’ve ever experienced! An exceptionally particular ride from your common kick scooter, our analyzers were pleased by the special and smooth-riding movement and particularly valued the delicate foot deck that maximized solidness and comfort and limited wounds. 


Micro Kickboards are not the scooters you grew up with! With an exceptional skateboard-style guiding strategy, our official analyzers (kids), and non-official analyzers (guardians!) had an awesome time investigating on a scooter that offers a stand-out riding experience. 

The Maxi and Small Deluxe make a riding experience like that of a skateboard by permitting the rider to cut turns yet with the additional security of ski lift handlebars for additional strength and mobility. 

This shelter steer development is entirely different than a customary scooter on which you steer by turning the front wheel with the handlebars. Even though this takes some training to get the hang of, when aced, kids love the smooth, comfortable ride and surfer-like vibe. 

The 3 wheeled set-up and 5.5″ wide foot deck likewise add to an additional steady ride, fewer falls, and fewer wounds. While the certainty of our bashful and normal riders profited by these steady and lightweight scooters, our forceful riders exploited these equivalent highlights for more secure quickening, “air jumps”, and riding the walkway. 

With a foot stage produced using fortified adaptable fiberglass and wheels of polyurethane, the ride is outstandingly smooth and calm. While conventional Razor style scooters fill their own need, the Micro Kickboards destroy them in perfection and simplicity of the riding experience. None of the clickity rattles against the walkway breaks on these kickboards! 

One significant note on execution – these scooters are not extraordinary for skate parks. The cutting and riding movement that makes them so great for smooth cruising limits their capacity to make snappy turns. We took them to a skate park to test them out and it went poorly. 🙂 


micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

Maxi Deluxe 

Handlebar Stature: The Maxi’s customizable handlebars permit riders to develop with the scooter – with practically 10″ of flexibility from min to the max! 24″ to 33.5″ from the deck. 

Weight: 5.5 lb. 

Weight Limit: 150 lbs. 

Age: 5 – 12 

Small scale Deluxe 

Handlebar Stature: The Little’s handlebars are likewise tallness flexible – from 17″ up to 25″ from the deck. 

Weight: 4.2 lbs. 

Weight Limit: 75 lbs. 

Age: 2 – 5 


Foot stage 

The foot deck of the Micro Kickboards is unquestionably a champion component of these scooters. Built of fortified adaptable fiberglass, the deck retains sway starting from the earliest stage makes for a fantastically smooth ride. 

We likewise love that the whole deck is hostile to slip silicone infused, so even in wet conditions, your youngster’s feet can remain immovably planted. Furthermore, being 5’5″ wide (customary Razor has a 3.5″ deck), the scooter is simply more steady and more agreeable to ride than most different scooters. (The deck on the Little is 4.5″, which is ideal for little feet.) 


The handlebars are another characterizing highlight of the Micro Kickboards. Since they’re fixed and don’t go to move the front wheels, the foot stage additionally doesn’t turn. Have you ever had the metal foot deck on a customary kick scooter whack you in the lower legs?? Man, that harms! 

It’s uncommon to have a kid analyzer have the option to verbalize why they like something, in any event, when you ask them, however, our 7-year-old and 9-year-old analyzers brought this up all alone.

The T-bar features comfortable soft rubber hand grips that also have rubber ends to protect hands from falls or when hitting walls. But the best thing about the grips is that unlike many other scooters, the handgrips are not foam, which can tear and also gets pretty dirty very quickly.


The stem of the scooter is a beautiful, smooth anodized aluminum that comes in 12 different color options for the Maxi and 11 for the Mini.


With two larger polyurethane wheels in front (120 mm) and a smaller wheel in the back (80 mm), the Micro Kickboard’s wheels are also a huge factor in the stability and smoothness of the ride. 

But remember that stability is not the only purpose for this 3-wheeled setup – it’s all about the lean-to-steer, skateboard motion experience!

Our testers also benefited from the non-marking polyurethane wheels, along with the fiberglass deck, because we let them cruise around the wood floors in the house on bad weather days!


Because the back wheel is a set of double wheels, the brake on the Micro Kickboard Maxi is beefier than on a traditional scooter and also features a handy non-slip silicone cover to keep your foot in place. The Mini has just one wheel in the back.

Ease of Transport and Storage

Compared to a traditional folding kick scooter, these Kickboards aren’t quite as easy to store or transport because they don’t fold over, but you can easily remove the t-bar from the foot deck if you need to.

What’s the Difference Between the Classic and the Deluxe Versions?

While we haven’t tested the classic versions of the Mini and Maxi, we did reach out to Micro to get our readers an official explanation of how the Deluxe models of the Mini and Maxi are different than the originals.

(1) The Deluxe is the most updated model, coming in different color options with the stem of the scooter matching the color of the foot deck. Previously, the stems were black or silver.

(2) The Deluxe versions are safety-tested to a higher weight limit: Maxi Deluxe is rated for 150 lbs. vs. the Maxi Original which is only rated at 110 lbs. The Mini Deluxe weight capacity is 75 lbs. while the Mini Original is only 44 lbs. We were pretty excited that (some of) we adults could ride the Maxi Deluxe!

(3) The Deluxe has an upgraded foot deck. It’s a hi-tech duel injection deck that has an anti-slip Micro logo for a better grip when scooting.

(4) The Mini Deluxe now has an adjustable height handlebar. On the Original Mini, the handlebar height was fixed.

Bottom Line

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another scooter with the quality and durability of the Micro Kickboard Maxi and Mini Deluxe. If you’re headed for the skate park or primarily want to do tricks, this isn’t the scooter for you. 

But if you want a super smooth, easy, and unique ride, the Micro Kickboards will have you surfing the sidewalk in no time.


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