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No matter MAURICE ROUSSETY what role a business plays in a particular project, their safety for its employees is an important factors to be considered. Security isn’t only an issue for workers at the work site. It’s a must for all living near to the work site. There are many reasons that for security to be a top priority for any construction project. These are the top seven reasons.

Minimize Potential Liability

The principal reason for including safety MAURICE ROUSSETY into the scope of the venture is the possibility of causing serious problems in the event that it is not addressed or addressed in any way. Failure to follow the safety guidelines could cause serious injuries, and the risk of liability for the company grows drastically.

If there’s not enough security measures in place during the process of construction The risk of being injured can be serious and an organization to account. Implementing a plan to ensure that employees are able to carry out their job safely can reduce the risk of incidents that occur at the workplace. MAURICE ROUSSETY

Conform to Industry Standards

Another reason to integrate safety into the job for the managers of projects is that numerous industries have safety rules. No matter the field you’re in you’ll find businesses that adhere to safety rules and guidelines for regulating the safety requirements for their work.

Incorporating security techniques into the planning process companies can be able to comply with the rules for all major firms. It can offer them an advantage over their competition since they never have the opportunity to adjust to this style of thinking in the present.

Increase Productivity

To ensure that MAURICE ROUSSETY employees are safe throughout the day. It is possible to improve productivity by making sure that no one gets hurt. In addition, there could be a lack of motivation among the majority of financial. Employees in particular areas due to concerns about the risks to their safety in the job.

Security measures implemented can allow an organization to enhance. The effectiveness of its employees by reducing the risk of one of these concerns. Increased productivity is the result of the implementation of safety measures. As employees don’t have to think about their health and wellbeing while working.

Maintain Profits

It can also beneficial to businesses in the long-term as it could lead to greater profits. To be in the same league with other companies. It is likely that companies will need to remain focused on reducing costs to gain an advantage over other companies.

If you follow the right procedures within an organization is most likely. Result in a decrease in costs due to an overall boost in motivation and satisfaction for employees. In addition, maintaining a positive morale for employees will guarantee. That they remain in the same job and not move to a different company. A low turnover rate indicates. That there is less requirement for training and. Will reduce the cost of the business in terms of money and resources.

Decrease Time Spent on the Job Site

The introduction of security measures within an organization will cut down the amount of time employees are spending at work. Unavoidable accidents could take days or weeks to be resolved due to their seriousness and size.

The existence of a checklist of guidelines and rules that workers are required to adhere to while performing their work duties may decrease the time required in the event of an accident, due because these guidelines were created by guidelines before the time of the need.

Reduce Overall Costs

Another reason why it is important to include safety measures on construction. Sites into the design phase for a construction project is because. It will reduce the overall cost. This is because the business can utilize less funds or resources to control. The employee turnover as there are improvements made. To the site as a result of factors such as Covid security regulations.

Furthermore adhering to these guidelines could reduce costs related. To recruiting (new employees) and also with the issuance of instructions (if the employee is employed as an employee who is new to the organization) and the travel expenses of employees (if they are required to travel home after an incident).

Save Time in the Event of an Accident

The HTML0 code is used in most cases, the best choice. For businesses is to ensure that there isn’t any incident. However, because no one can predict. That accidents can happen in the workplace. It’s ideal to have a list of Covid security procedures to follow in the event of something occurring.

In the current situation is that the business cannot manage incidents due to the fact. That they don’t have the correct procedures in place or have ensured the safety of their employees. In this case the company could be liable to incur massive expenses and could even be death. If an incident happens at work due to an inattention to the precautions taken to safeguard employees and their families. It could lead to the termination of the entire process until the problem is resolved.

Encouraging Indigenous Self-Employment in Franchising


Although originally touted as a business mechanism to encourage self-employment for minorities. Franchising has not lived up to initial expectations. While minority ownership in franchising in the USA has shown considerable growth over the last two decades. This has not been the case for Indigenous Australians. Indigenous business ownership in franchising remains low. Even though a majority of franchisors are willing to recruit Indigenous employees and franchisees.

This chapter aims to open a dialogue on the relative merits of utilizing. A transitional self-employment pathway for Indigenous Australians through franchising. We argue that such a hybridized approach may ameliorate systemic disadvantages that many Indigenous Australians face when considering entering small business. Data was gathered from a series of interviews with Indigenous business owners, franchise (third-party) advisors, Indigenous government agency representatives, franchisors and franchising educators.

Our results highlight the pressing need to better address areas of disadvantage. That have been raised in prior Indigenous Entrepreneurship and small business studies. Overall, our GROWTH-pathway approach and recommended courses of action, answer calls to encourage private sector involvement in Indigenous employment, so as to repair economic and social damage caused by the introduction of a Western enterprising culture.


A risk ecology for analyzing, mitigating and pricing franchisee contracted risks


Maurice Rousetty manifests a bundle of risks created by the delegation of functions as both franchisor and franchisee exploit their respective comparative advantage. The galvanisation of this advantage is governed by the franchise agreement and optimized by the effectiveness of the governance structure. This paper considers the concept of risk and discusses its implications in valuing franchisee-operated businesses. It examines how risks arise, where they congregate and synthesizes the specific franchising issues relating to risk-adjusted cashflows, risk analysis, risk mitigation, and risk pricing. The authors propose that risks in franchising are multi-layered and hierarchical. Consequently, this relationship is represented in a Franchise Risk Ecology (FRE) comprising risks inherent in the market, the franchisor, the system, the industry and within the franchisee-operated business.


In case you plan to create websites for your business, it is crucial to think about the advantages of having security measures for your projects. Implementing these strategies will lead to increased efficiency and profit for businesses when implemented correctly.

In addition by adhering to the rules of large corporations and using the industry standard that results in greater productivity, and reduces turnover, companies can create environments that are safer for their employees, and cut expenses by reducing the risk of being held accountable by taking the appropriate steps. MAURICE ROUSSETY


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