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Manually Export Windows Live Mail to MBOX Files in Easy Steps

It appears to be ideal for converting Microsoft Live Mail to MBOX format. This is due to the fact that Windows Live Mail is an out-dated account. However MBOX is a file type that is supported by a broad range of accounts like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and others. If you export Windows Live Mail to MBOX. You will be able to review your data from a variety of email clients.

To bear in mind all of the benefits of MBOX files and the vulnerability of Windows Live Mail accounts. We have outlined many excellent methods for uploading Microsoft Live Mail accounts to MBOX files. So, please look over all of the material and extract what is most relevant to you.

How to Export Windows Live Mail to MBOX?

The first step in converting WLM to MBOX is to make use of an account that is compatible with MBOX. To generate MBOX files from the WLM data, you may use the Thunderbird email client, which is compatible with the format.

You could already be familiar that Windows Live Mail is the account that saves its data in EML files. Although Thunderbird is the email client that supports both the MBOX and EML file formats. Therefore, in order to export your files into the MBOX format, you will first need to import your WLM EML files into the Thunderbird email programme.

Therefore, if you want to convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX files, this is the first method you can choose to use. You are welcome to look at the detailed instructions that are given below. If you follow all of the instructions, it won’t be hard for you to figure out how to upload Windows Live Mail folders to MBOX.

The Manual Approach to Upload Windows Live Mail Folders to MBOX

Phase 1: Export EML Files from WLM Account

  • Sign in to your Windows Live Mail account. Navigate to the File menu, then choose Options, and finally choose Mail.
  • Click the Maintenance button after selecting the Advanced tab.
  • To access the Store Folder, click its icon.
  • The complete route of your message is displayed here; feel free to copy and paste it.
  • Now, if you follow the route and go to the folder that stores EML files. You will find that all of the messages are stored in the EML format. This will become apparent when you visit that folder.
  • When you have determined the location of all of the EML files, it is time to import them into the Thunderbird programme.

After exporting all of your EML files from Windows Live Mail, you are now ready to go on. The moment has come to bring all of these EML files into the Thunderbird email client to create .mbox files. Therefore, in order to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX format, you will first need to set up the Thunderbird email client on your computer.

Import EML Files into Thunderbird Account

  • Make a new folder where you may store the eml files. Take, for instance: MailImportedFromGmailAccount
  • Use your right mouse button to click on the freshly made folder. This is the folder that was created when the email was imported from Gmail.
  • Simply choose the directory, then go to the ImportExportTools menu and select the “Import all messages from a directory” option.
  • Find the folder labelled “eml files” on your computer’s desktop.
  • Make sure that all of the folders in the directory are selected.
  • Under the MailImportedFromGmailAccount folder, each and every message will be imported together with its corresponding folder structure.

Following the successful importation of all EML files into Thunderbird, the folder in question will be created in MBOX format. You are now able to export that folder from your Thunderbird account in order to obtain your MBOX files in their individual formats.

Therefore, this is the initial method to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX format. However, the process is quite time-consuming and calls for the completion of a large number of processes in addition to the employment of an alternate client.

Therefore, if you are puzzled by the manual technique to transfer Windows Live Mail folders to MBOX, you may want to seek for the next strategy, which is extremely simple to use and needs you to take a few basic steps to convert WLM straight to MBOX. You may find this approach by searching online.

A Direct Way to Convert Microsoft Live Mail to MBOX Format

Utilizing the Windows Live Mail converter tool is the approach that requires the least amount of time and effort on the part of the user when importing folders from Windows Live Mail to MBOX. It is able to convert multiple messages from Windows Live Mail to MBOX format. In addition to this, it offers a clear and short summary of the steps that must be taken in order to finish the project. We strongly suggest that you look them through in order to have a deeper comprehension of the functionality of the programme.

Learn More About the Export Process for Windows Live Mail to MBOX

  • Obtain the Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird MBOX converter. After it has been downloaded, make sure the installation is complete, and then use the programme to convert WLM to MBOX.
  • Once the programme has been started, navigate to the Open tab and select Open Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down option on that tab.
  • You will need to choose the WLM Folders that you wish to convert to MBOX after you have navigated to them.
  • After uploading all of the WLM applications, you will have the opportunity to review the data before it is converted.
  • To save your messages in MBOX format, go to the Export Tab and make your selection there.
  • By choosing the Browse option, you will be able to choose a destination folder for the output files. Simply clicking the Save button will export Windows Live Mail to MBOX file.

Once your WLM files have been successfully converted to the MBOX format, you will be notified. At this degree of simplicity, Windows Live Mail may be converted to MBOX format. Now, if you like to learn more about the Windows Live Mail to MBOX export tool please refer to the part that follows.

Discover Some Features of the Automated Approach

Conversion in Masses: This utility gives you the ability to export Windows Live Mail in bulk to MBOX. The tool does not place any limits on the amount of files that may be converted at the same time, so users are free to convert as many as they need.

Preview Function: The Windows Live Mail to MBOX export programme has a function called the preview function that allows users to examine their Windows Live Mail files. Before converting the files, you may examine the emails and attachments that are contained within the Windows Live Mail files using this portion of the programme.

Multiple Preview Modes: This feature of the application allows you to examine Windows Live Mail files in a number of different ways, which is useful for forensic analysis of Windows Live Mail files. You are able to inspect emails in both hex and raw format with this programme.

Search Option: The search mode enables you to locate specific emails or attachments that were sent from a certain address or during a particular time period. Make use of the tool’s search box in order to access the feature.

Read More about the Direct Approach

Complete Migration: If you choose this path, you’ll be able to import all of the email messages from Windows Live Mail into MBOX without any loss of data. You are able to migrate contacts and attachments to the MBOX format.

Selective Migration: Users of this approach have the ability to periodically forward their Windows Live Mail messages to MBOX using the folders selection feature. You have complete authority over which directories are transformed and which are left unchanged.

Independent: The addition of Windows Live Mail accounts to MBOX does not require the installation of any other programme. In addition to this, it operates autonomously and is capable of carrying out duties by itself.

Support for Operating Systems: It is compatible with all different versions of Windows. As a direct result of this, there is no need for you to upgrade your system. You may convert Windows live Mail to MBOX on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and below.


It is now much simpler to export Windows Live Mail to MBOX. The manual procedure for migrating from WLM to MBOX has been made available to you at this time. You may do the manual route. You will need to ensure that your device is set up to access both your WLM and Thunderbird accounts. On the other hand, you can go with the automatic method. If you don’t want to use any other kind of email client. The automated method maintains the folder hierarchy while offering a high level of security. It is possible to export WLM files in bulk using only a few straightforward procedures. You need to read the whole article in order to learn everything there is to know about the technique.

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