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Make a career in the field of furniture designing

These 5 Popular Woods Are The Best Option For You To Make Furniture

Carpentry is usually assigned to design furniture in homes, but when it comes to large restaurants, hotels or offices, furniture designing is given as much importance as interior designing or other things.

This is why furniture designing has emerged as a distinct field in today’s era. If you want, you can take steps in this direction.

What happens work

The work of a furniture designer is not limited to just designing furniture, but he has to use his imagination and understand the needs of the client and prepare the furniture. For example, some people like wood and some people like to use glass etc. in furniture.

At the same time, theme based furniture is demanded in some places. Therefore, the work of a furniture designer ranges from planning to execution, organization and supervising.

First he plans to design furniture, which takes care of everything from budget to furniture design and quality, and then he examines it, in which he leads other people to make the best furniture.


The work of a furniture designer is quite elaborate. A furniture designer must have knowledge about his work and the substances used in it, as well as his creative and artistic sense is very important.

In addition, a furniture designer has to contact many people during his work, so his leadership skills and communication skills must be improved. Usually, the design of the furniture is first made on the computer itself and approval is taken from the client, so he should know how to use the computer.

A furniture designer gives an attractive appearance to a lifeless wood or metal, so it should have all the qualities that make a common wood special. Apart from these, a furniture designer must also have a good understanding of marketing skills and business.

Also it is important to be aware of the new trend going on in the market.


Students must have passed tenth or twelfth to step into this field. While some institutes enroll tenth pass students in furniture designing courses, minimum qualification is 12th in some institutes.

To become a furniture designer, students can take a diploma, certificate or bachelor’s degree course in furniture designing.

The Possibilities

Since nowadays furniture has started getting more attention, so there is no dearth of opportunities for students. After taking a course in furniture designing, students can work with a designer or work in a furniture designing company.

At the same time with a little experience, you can also start your own business and design furniture for various offices, corporate companies, hotels or restaurants etc.


If we talk about income in this field, then in the initial phase a person can easily earn ten to fifteen thousand per month. At the same time, income also increases after a little experience.

In addition, if you start your own business, the income will depend on the orders you get.

These 5 Popular Woods Are The Best Option For You To Make Furniture

Furniture made of wood adds to your dream home. That is because wood is very strong, durable and long lasting and its fashion is never out of fashion. It is used in every household, but still most people do not know which type of wood is best for furniture.

It is also a kind of science. The wood used for furniture in India depends on availability, strength and weather conditions. Apart from this, furniture is for indoor or outdoor it is also an important factor.

House IQ is going to tell you about those five wood which will add four moons to your house.

Marandi: It is also called white pine wood. Marandi is a good option for making a wooden vault, shoe box, box or other decorative items.

Being strong, this wood requires less maintenance. Apart from this, there is no answer in the look as well. Its imports are mostly from Malaysia, so wood needs one month to adjust moisture before use.

Sheesham: It is also called Indian Rosewood in English. It is also used extensively for making furniture. Being extremely strong wood, it lasts for a long time and can be used in different polishes and finishes.

Termites do not spoil it. Apart from being a bit expensive, its temperature can be changed easily. Bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, sofa sets, dining sets and flooring can also be made from this wood with different qualities.

Most music instruments are also made from rosewood. It is found in abundance in Kerala, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Salwood: Salwood is a very strong wood found in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. It does not require polishing multiple times to ensure shine or strength.

This wood, capable of combating water and underground conditions, does not even have termites. It is most suitable for making gate and window frames and beams.

Satin Wood: Satin wood is the best option for those who want to give their home a nice or vintage look. It is mostly found in Central and South India. Satinwood is very hard and strong wood.

Unlike other wood, it is very expensive to maintain. On this wood used as furniture and decoration, you can make any favorite design through polish. The look of this wood is quite shiny.

Teak wood: This wood is most commonly used. It is locally produced and heavily imported. It is locally produced in Kerala and imported from Ghana and Burma.

Teak wood is a strong and long-lasting wood used in making furniture, door frames, cabinets, tables, and decorations. It is very economical, hence a very good investment option.

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