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Major Points Related to The Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

People face hair loss at some point in life. Many people may face hair loss due to stress. But simple remedies can help regrow your hair. If the reason for hair loss is serious, then you need better hair loss remedies like micropigmentation.

There’s a lot you require to know about SMP. You can check different scalp micropigmentation costs at various clinics. Also, you need to know a few things before you settle for the procedure. Below is all you need to know before you have an SMP.

Does Micropigmentation Stimulate Hair Growth?

SMP’s main purpose is to create an illusion of real hair. It does that by injecting pigments on a tin layer of the skin. The electric tattoo device uses needles to inject the pigments on the scalp.

Although micropigmentation does not stimulate hair growth, the scalp’s incisions help the blood circulate freely. Also, prickling of the scalp can lead to opening up some closed follicles. In the end, you open up the closed follicles making new hair grow. 

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Dangerous?

Cosmetic surgeries are safe but can be risky. Patients ask several questions regarding their safety and the safety of the existing hair follicles. SMP is a known safe method to address hair loss. It’s among the painless and minimally invasive long-term hair remedies. 

If not managed well, it can lead to the scalp, nerve, and blood vessel endings. You can avoid these dangers if you find a qualified specialist. SMP technicians should go through thorough training to avoid making any errors.   

Materials Used for Micropigmentation

SMP practice uses tools that keep on advancing. Currently, the tools in use are safe and quick to use. Besides the electric tattoo device, there are several other materials you use. Below are the basic materials that facilitate a successful SMP session.


The main material that you need for SMP is pigment. The specialist prepares it to match the exciting hair on the scalp. Pigments are made of keratin in the form of fibrous proteins. It is designed specifically for scalp application. The pigments are well made to replicate natural hair.

Before the treatment day, you should have a meeting with your technician. They will assess your hair, eyebrows, lashes, and skin color. The assessment will help them select the best color for the pigments. 


SMP uses microscopic needles to inject pigments into the skin. The needles are smaller than the normal tattoo needles. They are tiny because the technician needs to inject at least five natural pigments in one incision. The five colors create natural-looking results. 

It’s hard to tell apart a pigment and an actual hair follicle. Due to the small size of the needles, SMP is relatively painless. You will only feel pain depending on your pain tolerance. 

Power Supply

It would help if you had the right power supply to run the process successfully. Have a power source that can run the electric tattoo device for a full session. The power voltage should be enough to control the device speed on all types of scalps. Needles need enough power to inject the pigments and give excellent results. Power shortage would give you bad results. 

Electric Tattoo Device

This is the main tool that helps have a successful micropigmentation. The electric tattoo device holds the needles that inject the pigments on the scalp; It has several needles depending on the type and size. Advanced tools have enough power to penetrate any scalp. Also, it’s gentle enough not to harm the scalp. 

SMP Pen Machine

Ink and pigments need a special pen. There are pen machines made specifically for hair micropigmentation. The pens are lightweight and simple to handle. It ensures the process is smooth and the pigments are implanted correctly. 

Treatment Chairs

SMP takes at least three hours to complete. It can get uncomfortable to stay in one place. Sadly, you can’t take a rest once the process commences. Thus, the clinic should invest in comfortable treatment chairs for the clients. A massage chair or optimal treatment chairs are the best for such uses.

Medical Grade Gloves

The technician should use protective wear to avoid passing germs to themselves or the client. Protective gloves are one of the protective wears a technician should wear.


Clinics and medical spas are areas you can potentially contact viral diseases. Thus, the technician should wear a surgical facemask at all times when attending to clients. 

T-blade Trimmer

Some clients prefer to have a fresh look after the SMP session. Thus a technician should have a T-blade trimmer to attend to a willing client. 

Cord Strip Covers and Barrier Film

As part of safety, the technician should ensure there are no accidents in the treatment area. Cord strip covers and barrier films prevent any tripping and falling. 

Other safety items include sanitizers, disinfectants, and medical-grade sanitizing gauze/wipes. These tools ensure the working areas are sterile, safe, and germ-free. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Protocol

Results for SMP are instant. However, if you want to see the best results, you should have 2-3 sessions of SMP. Below are the precautions and protocols to follow. 

  • The technician should sterilize the room after every session. It ensures there are no cross infections among clients. 
  • SMP practitioners should use precise pigments to match a client’s skin and existing hair. Also, they should use different needle sizes, angels, pigment colors, penetrating depths, and distribution rates. All the above should depend on the condition of the treatment area.
  • The staff should take photos of your head before they commence with the treatment session. It helps to check the difference before and after the session. 
  • You should see the photos of previous clients and the outcome of the SMP. Pick a hairline design of your choice. If you have none, your technician can help you select one that matches the shape of your face.
  • The technician should outline the area of treatment. The first session lays the foundation of the treatment. Subsequent treatments will help fill in the density of the pigments. The final results should be dense-looking hair.
  • The second session adds a darker layer to the treatment area. The third session gives a fuller look. 
  • All SMP treatments are done at the client’s risk. Many clinics will only compensate an amount equal to the scalp micropigmentation cost.

Can You Regret Doing a Scalp Micropigmentation?

Some incidents can cause you to regret scalp micropigmentation. Thus, it would help if you did due diligence before any errors are made. The SMP removal process is costly and tenacious. You don’t want to incur losses over errors done during SMP. 

Mismatch Pigments

If a technician mismatches the pigments, the final results will be green or blue. Check the results of previous clients to assess the competence of the clinic. 

Incompetent Technician

Technicians should go through thorough training to handle SMP well. You should have a background check on the person that will handle your treatment. A great technician should handle different genders, ethnicities, hair colors, skin tones, and hairline shapes. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost 

Basic scalp micropigmentation costs may range between $1500 to $2000. If you need advanced SMP, you can pay up to $4000. However, you can spend more if you seek services in large cities and celebrity-level clinics. 


There are several points related to Micropigmentation. The method helps to create an illusion of real hair. It’s very instrumental since it helps cover thinning hair. Scalp Micropigmentation cost is fair since the results are long-lasting.

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