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Major Keyword Mistakes That Will Kill Your SEO Strategy

Keywords! It defines your content. It shows both humans and Google’s bots about your business. They are the genuine search term people use to explore the internet. 

Optimization of keywords is important for websites as search engines use keywords to drive organic traffic (new visitors). A business needs to build trust and increase conversions. Without them, you can’t take part in online competitions. Therefore, the ranking of keywords matters, and if you aren’t focusing on it, you probably are not doing everything in your power to improve your SEO.

Houston Digital Marketing Agency makes a choice of keywords precisely, so you can expect to receive high organic traffic and a sheer number of searches for particular keywords. However, some major mistakes can kill your SEO and make you rethink your strategy. Let’s dive in.

Struck gold in SEO by focusing on major keyword missteps 

Err #1: Using broad match instead of exact match 

Search volume is an important metric you need to consider when looking for perfect keywords. There is a vast difference in search traffic for all these keywords. If you do not believe it and neglect using exact matches, you will receive disappointing results.

For example, your digital marketing agency is new and wants to go after the term “digital marketing service.” However, there are so many digital marketing agencies operating locally and globally. There is no shot for a new website to rank on such competitive keywords. 

Avoid wasting time and money to rank on this type of keyword and be realistic. Choose a specific term that encompasses your whole website. You can also go with less competitive keywords with search volume; it is also a good alternative.

Be genuine with yourself about what kinds of keywords you should go after. Conduct detailed research and stick to a budget that permits you to narrow down choices, especially for local SEO services.

Err #2: Not looking at the current search results 

Search intent is a vital part of keyword research. However, digital marketers need to be more vigilant. There are three ways to find out if an internet user that is actually searching for keywords will meet that intent. 

Looking at organic search results. Google is smart, and there are thousands of online websites from the same niche. The majority of them are ranking for the true search intent. For example, if SERP displays service pages, it is less likely that the keyword targeted is suitable for blogs. 

Autosuggestion helps you a lot in finding the different related keywords and phrases. Then, you can consider those keywords and include them in your blog.


Last, the related searches indicate the term users commonly search. For example: 


Err #3 Analyzing keyword difficulty with search tools

There are numerous search tools available on the internet that provide you a keyword difficulty score. It is irrespective of individual rankings and the DA of the website. The score offers you a rough idea of how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword, and it does not apply to every single site. 

If a website ranks high for a particular keyword, it is likely to rank easily with high-difficulty keywords. Even if a high domain authority site writes on an easy to rank keyword for the first time. There are chances that it is not going to do well against those websites that cover it before. 

Do not rely blindly on the difficulty score while using search tools for keyword research. Houston digital marketing company helps you audit your website so you can find how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword.

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Err #4 Ignoring local keywords

Companies tend to overlook one of the essential things is the difference between global and local keywords. If you have a regional or local business, make sure the traffic for your targeted keyword comes from your region. If you only work with customers in specific geographical locations, you don’t need to target keywords that focus on other regions.  

Always filter your searches by location while doing keyword research with tools like Google’s keyword tool. Pay attention to geographic search terms. Many users while searching will add the name of their city or locale to their query, optimizing keywords that improve chances of meeting customers.

Err #5 Not taking the competition into account 

High search volume keywords are excellent, but high search volume and low competition are the holy grail of keyword research. Competition is an estimation of keyword difficulty that tells how many other sites are trying to get traffic using that exact keyword. 

The more competitive the keyword, the tough it will be to rank for. Also, it takes a long time to obtain results. And more effort will be required to get those results. Companies with limited budgets and bandwidth have this information to focus on resources where they provide the best results. 

Data on keyword competition is available with a variety of free and paid tools like Google AdWords and SEMrush.

You need well-researched keywords that receive tremendous organic traffic to get the desired result in terms of online conversion. A popular method to achieve this goal is the keyword optimization of a website’s every page. The work is intensive and consumes a lot of time, but you should prioritize pages like contact us, about us, services, products. Houston’s digital marketing agency also aligns other digital marketing strategies like social media, keyword optimization, paid marketing that bring impressive results.

As a Houston, TX premier digital marketing company, YellowFin Digital can help your business be found by new potential customers and turn them into paying clients.

For several years, YellowFin Digital helps small businesses transform their goals into carefully planned strategies that result in outperforming the competition thanks to the power of our digital marketing services.

Like most digital marketing firms, YellowFin Digital offers services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Reputation Management, and more. What sets YellowFin Digital apart as a digital marketing agency is our results.

Our digital marketing team is second to none! When you combine that knowledge with out of this world customer service and unbelievable customer communication, what you are left with are happy clients!

Every business has unique goals, and so should their strategy be!

Each strategy works in distinct ways helping out different aspects of a business. Here are various services based on the results you want:

Fretting over not getting more traffic is common amongst most business sites. SEO campaigns are designed to display your content to potential customers who are looking for it in search engines. SEO helps your website shows up for target queries making them more likely to find your content.

Though extremely favorable for the long term, if you wish to yield more immediate results, PPC campaigns are the strategy for you! These campaigns begin working as soon as your ads are live! Social media is one of the best ways to increase engagement. Customers are looking for genuine brands with quality content, and social media (SMM) can help you build relations.

An appealing and aesthetic website design creates a positive impact on the user. For many customers, this is how they discover your business, which is why a strategically designed layout is necessary to convert maximum leads.

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