Luxury Perfume Candles You’ll Love

Luxury Perfume Candles You’ll Love

For candle lovers, there is nothing better than finding the perfect scent for your home, a gift for an exceptional host, or as a travel accompaniment to make an unfamiliar space feel warm and inviting.

The market for candles is plentiful, with options available in nearly every gift shop, department store, and supermarket. Unfortunately, a great deal of candles on the market are full of chemicals, toxins, and parabens. A truly luxurious candle is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Finding the perfect scent is much like falling in love; it speaks to your heart and ignites your imagination. A Perfume Candle that touches all the right notes can wrap you up in its fragrance and transport you to another place entirely. A high-quality candle is made with premium ingredients, smells beautiful and has been created with pleasure and longevity in mind.

If you’re searching for quality candles with a luxurious feel, you will love the following scents from Eloquence®, a brand known for their dedication to quality, beauty and elegance.

Parisian Peony

Transport yourself to the blooming boulevards, gardens and parks in the heart of the City of Light. Soft blushing roses and peonies intertwined with the opulence of jasmine and apple blossom surround you in a deep and heavenly perfume.

The flowery scent of this artisan perfume candle is just the thing you’re looking for if you want to fill your home with the essence of Paris.

Notes: Apple Blossom, Jasmine, Rose & Peony Petals

Scandinavian Musk

This pale and pretty perfume candle celebrates the enchanting blend of light-flooded nature with Nordic romance. In its sweet aroma the milky scent of vanilla, soft buttery leather, ripe plum and powdery violets are balanced by the musky fragrance of patchouli. This luxurious and inviting scent will steep your home with charming and casual elegance.

Notes: Plum, Violet, Leather, Patchouli & Vanilla

Hand-poured with care in California, Eloquence® Perfume Candles not only smell incredible, but are made with naturally derived ingredients.

What to Look for in a Candle

When shopping for candles, you want to keep the following in mind: ingredients, scent, burn time and beauty. Look for essential & fragrance oil blends for a cleaner, long-lasting scent. Natural, paraben-free coconut wax blends burn cleaner and longer than any other waxes on the market and lead-free cotton wicks avoid the risk of vaporizing lead which is toxic. Burn time is important not only because it gives you an idea of how long you can enjoy a candle for, but also how naturally derived the ingredients are.

Luxury candles typically have a longer burn time due to the absence of synthetics which burn quickly. Eloquence® perfume candles have a 60 hour burn time in an 8.5 oz candle! Finally, look for candles with beautiful details in the packaging that can be enjoyed even after your candle has burned all the way through. Use these containers to display flowers, beauty products, pens, small items, etc. A true luxury product lasts for years to come!

Eloquence® perfume candles are the perfect choice if you are looking for a truly beautiful and quality candle. The Parisian Peony and Scandinavian Musk artisan-made perfume candles have become a staple in their collection, with 7 more incredible scents coming soon!

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