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‘’Love ka kia ha love to ho he jata ha’’

You all have heard’’ pyar ka kia ha pyar tu ho jaye ga tume doabara’’ this while getting counselling after your break up from your friend or parents or sister. But you deny that at the spot and you miss your ex-husband or partner who promised to marry you. You feel like the world is going to end. You stop being afraid from death even. But what happened? After 5 years you forget all the incidents. This is what time does to all. It heals wounds. You fall in love again. It is human nature. Humans can’t stay away from falling in love whether it is humans, kids, things or goals. ‘’Pyar waqi me dobara ho jata ha’’ yes it’s true that love happens again.

To fall in love again all you need to forget the person first. Don’t get engaged with any other person. This is a wrong approach. If you immediately get hitched with another person you will keep missing that person. This suffering is personal. Suffer alone. It will teach you a lot. Don’t just let anybody talk about what’s happening with you. Bear it with courage. We know that break up or talaq is the worst thing that happens to anyone but sometimes that talaq is good for your mental health may be you have been living with the worst person.

What happens next when you forget the person? You feel lighter. You feel happy. You want to break all the odds of society. You try to be friends with every other being. You are actually ready to make a new relationship. You become fearless. But here is the point. This process happens or the stages occur to those who are mature enough and smartly get rid of the old memories of the ex-partner.

Next stage comes with more happiness. You become jolly. You can understand the meaning of philosophy and poetry. You get mature even more. Here you start finding the person the right match for you. Here you are wise enough even to take the support of online marriage bureaus like You destroy all the previous memories with your hand.

In the next stage here you finally get the one who is perfect for you. The comparison never comes across in your mind. You are too discreet that you don’t open yourself up in front of your partner. You don’t let him touch your soul for some time. You take time in trusting which is good for your security. It is normal to be hesitated before trusting someone new in your life.

Here the next person will never be able to betray you because you never put all the eggs in one bucket. The only remedy to avoid betrayal is to trust your guts rather than trusting the other. If you rely on the next person completely then you give off your control to the next person. And the human being is too cruel when given control. So be wise and believe that pyar tu ho he jata ha and move on.



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