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LED Wafer Lights: Convenient and Practical

LED Wafer Lights: Convenient and Practical

You may already consider yourself fairly learned on the topic of LED lights, in which case you are probably very familiar with many of their benefits as well. As technological improvements continue to double down, it almost seems like other lamps have no way to effectively compete with LED lights in general. LEDs can occupy situations where a large range of brightness is required, making them suitable for a number of different purposes. In addition, LED lamps, regardless of their intended purposes, are extremely energy efficient. They blow lights like incandescents right out of the water – the figures vary, but some estimates claim that LED lights are anywhere from 70 to 90% more efficient than incandescent lights.

They also last significantly longer. When we say significantly longer, we mean it. Whereas some incandescents are rated around 1,000 hours and some halogen lamps might be rated somewhere around 2000 hours as well, you can look at your average LEDs which are expected to last about 25,000 hours. Then there are specialty LEDs that can last around 50,000 hours, and some models even have expected life spans closing in on 100,000 hours. What’s crazy about that isn’t just the objective number but the fact that they don’t ‘burn out’ the way other bulbs can – they just slowly lose their brightness. Sometimes that effect can even be reversed by replacing their drivers.

Even light bulbs like fluorescents which have previously been held up as the standard of energy efficiency and longevity pale in comparison to average LEDs. The best fluorescent bulbs last somewhere around 50,000 at most, and even then, since they contain mercury, are a hazard to dispose of. LEDs, by contrast, are green.

LED lamps have also been specialized to a number of different uses like spotlights, corn cob lights, and LED wafer lights, making them effective competitors in markets that previously they had never touched before.

Take, as a specific example, the LED wafer lights mentioned above. These are a specialized form of ultra-thin LED downlight that is often used where other LED recessed downlights cannot be used – or other recessed lights at all. In fact, due to their extremely slim design, they are ideal for shallow ceiling plenum lighting and some of them even offer easy installation on top of that. Where plenum clearance is an issue, LED wafer lights shine – some even have a remote driver box that can be installed elsewhere where there is more than enough room to do so.

Like other LEDs, wafer LEDs offer a great range of light output and color temperatures, whether they are used indoors or outdoors – and there are options for both. The fact that some of them even allow for installation from below the ceiling makes them optimal for access restricted locations or otherwise tight locations where working with lighting and wires is a hassle – or impossible.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons that LEDs have generally taken the market by storm. When you get into the details and take a more granular look at some of their benefits, it becomes even more clear that LEDs are specialized to a number of uses and even offer advantages over the traditional designs.

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