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Learn How to Crack PTE-A Listening with The PTE Tutorials Mobile App

Don’t you think answering 8 tasks in 45-60 is a tedious task and it becomes a bit tricky for you to score?

Yes, it is! And this is the case with the PTE Listening Section. It means you need to put in more hours preparing for it. Well, you can do it with the PTE Tutorials mobile app:

  1. It allows you to practice with in-built recordings for real-time practice.
  2. You can practice every day to attain perfection.
  3. It will help you improve your time management skills.
  4. After practising for a while, you can also take up the mock tests to measure your performance.

It has a 3-step process to improve you have to do the PTE login in the app and then just practice, test and measure. On the PTE Tutorials mobile app, you will find a lot of FREE practice questions. You can also include these tips in your practice:

  • Listen to new content to improve your vocab.
  • Listen to English programmes and try transcribing them.
  • Listen to shows, programs to familiarize with different English accents.

Everyday practice can help you improve, download it now and start practising.

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