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Learn How Running Benefits us

Exercise is an antidote to almost all the ailments of the modern world. Running is considered by many experts a panacea.

Stress, anxiety, depression, or obesity affect not only our health but also our work life. Running for even fifteen minutes can have miraculous effects on your physical and mental health.

A one-shot solution to all the maladies, running is made for everyone. All you need is a well functioning pair of legs and you are set. With no equipment required, running is the most basic and efficient exercise. In the following article, we will be discussing the various ways in which running benefits us.

A fit body

If you are one of those looking for ways to get rid of that excess fat, running should definitely be on your list. No other exercise burns more calories than running. It increases your stamina and gives you endurance. It makes your bodies prepared for other physical exercises.

Stronger knees and legs

Contrary to popular beliefs, running makes your knees stronger. Recent studies show that people who run or had a past of running, are less likely to develop Arthritis. The persistent breaking and forming of muscles in your legs make them stronger. Daily Mile has been making running possible for children for years.

The natural glow

Sweating also stimulates the release of natural oils. With toxins gone, your body gives out a natural glow.

Blood circulation

Running pumps up your heart and makes it beat faster. This makes the blood circulate in your body efficiently. Your blood vessels adapt to this change and give proper dilation to the flowing blood. This aided circulation of blood gives more oxygen to the brain and other vital parts.

Relieves stress

Running releases hormones that are associated with relieving stress. When you run with your friends or partner this effect increases manifold. In the times of depression and other mental ailments, running can be your elixir.

Meals to be considered

Running takes a huge toll on your body. Burning so many calories, that too within such a short span, may exhaust your body.

It is advised to fill your body with carbohydrates before a run.

After your run, go for proteins, to help your body in repairing your broken muscles.

Take some precautions

> Always opt for parks rather than roads.

> Running in parks gives comfort to your legs. Roads, made of concrete, can harm your joints.

> Don’t give too much pressure to your legs. Try to maintain a calm posture and a relaxed body.

> To avoid any pain in your legs, do stretch before and after a run. Remember not to stretch so much that it makes your muscle strained .

> Wear shoes that are made for running. These provide ease to your legs and also maintain your posture.

> Avoid uneven surfaces. A simple sprain in your ankle can halt your running for at least a week.

We are paying its price in the form of a sharp decline in our health report. We can change this paradigm by simply changing our habits. Put on your shoes and go for a run every morning, you will start seeing results within a week only.

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