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Crystal Wash is Rochdale’s newest and finest laundrette. Located less than a mile of Rochdale Town Centre. We are easily accessible from Spotland Road, Norden & Bamford. There is ample street parking near shop. We now serve customers all over Rochdale and thrilled to be part of the washing industry.

At crystal Wash, we are very proud to offer wash and dry services. Whether you want to use washers and dryers yourself or want us to provide services, our staff is always happy to help you.
Crystal Wash welcomes both residential and commercial clients. We wash rugs, curtains, duvets, bedding, blankets, and general washing. We use high-quality washing detergents and fabric softener for service washes. We have special offers on service washes if you decide to bring more than one load.

Wash Wash Wash!

Do your clothes need cleaning? You may want to wash something big like rugs, carpets, curtains. What will you do generally? Most probably you won’t think of washing these big heavy rugs, carpets, and curtains at your home. Therefore, you will need a place where you can get all these washing services under one roof.

Crystal wash is here for you to offer Laundry services in Rochdale. We proudly claim to provide the best online laundry services as well as commercial laundry services UK. If you are looking for a commercial laundry service, you can come to us. Our laundry service prices are the most affordable and offer quality wash.

We, Will, Handle Your Clothes With Most Care

Washing needs to be done with care and requires ample washing materials. For example, soap and detergents. Therefore, we make sure that we are using high-quality detergents, fabric softeners, and soaps. We also deal with big commercial laundry services UK and successfully providing them washing services with quality.

Apart from that we also deal with various hotels and restaurants. We have various monthly packages for hotel laundry service cost. Hotels and restaurants have their table cloths and curtains that are in bundles. Therefore, we offer them a monthly hotel laundry service cost that will be suitable for them.

We are providing one of the best Laundry services in Rochdale. Bring your clothes to us and we will wash them for you if you do not have time. Thus we are committed to providing you Best and affordable Laundry services in Rochdale. Moreover, we also offer the best online laundry services too.

We Also Provide Commercial Laundry Services

Hotel laundry service cost may vary depending on the amount of laundry. Moreover, it may come under the commercial laundry service. Therefore, pricing could vary a little. Our best online laundry services make us a trustworthy business that offers quality Laundry services in Rochdale.

If you are searching for commercial laundry services UK then you will most probably find us among the best online laundry services. Moreover, making sure that your clothes are safely washed without and tearing and damage to the clothes and fabric.

Our top-notch quality of washing and fabric handling makes us prominent commercial laundry services UK. We have appealing prices for the people so that they can get quality wash with the best prices, however, hotel laundry service cost is also reasonable.

Quality Washing With Best Pricing

To avail the commercial laundry service, make sure that you go through all the packages and pricing including hotel laundry service cost. We will continue to make sure that you are getting the best experience and Laundry services in Rochdale.

Moreover, commercial laundry service is very important, especially for hotels and restaurants. They can find us online too, we will ensure to provide the best online laundry services. Our commercial laundry services, UK is the most efficient and by far the best washing experience you will get. With suitable hotel laundry service cost too.

You can also try our other services too like dry cleaning & ironing and pressing. For pricing, please check the details here.  If you want to visit us, please check us on the map.

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