KS ACADEMY Proved- The Easiest way to become CA After 12th

CA is a well-known course among commerce students in India. If you want to become a successful chartered accountant, then “CA” these two words have the potential to change your life for the following four years.

Any commerce student interested in pursuing CA after 12th should consider becoming a chartered accountant. Every commerce student in school aspires to be a chartered accountant since it is a highly regarded profession in our society. CA is the field of interest for commerce students.

According to a survey, one out of every five commerce students wishes to become a Chartered Accountant and even wants to know how to become a CA after completing their secondary education. CA is easier than any other course after 12th commerce.

After 12th grade, students must complete three phases in order to become a successful CA.

The first step is to establish a CA foundation.

The first and most important step in pursuing CA after 12th grade is to complete CA Foundation. After completing their 12th year of commerce, students must enrol in the CA foundation course. CA foundation registration is available twice a year, in June and December. The total cost of the CA Foundation Course is 25,000, which includes enrolment, journal membership, and examination fees.


CA intermediate-CA second step

CA intermediate is the next phase after 12th grade for Chartered Accountants. In CA intermediate, there are two methods to get started. First, after passing CA foundation, students can register for CA intermediate or enrol immediately in CA intermediate rather than continuing with CA after 12th. CA intermediate registration is also open twice a year, in August and February. CA intermediate registration fees are 70000 for both groups.


Third step for CA final-

Intermediate students must undertake three years of articleship under a CA after passing CA, and then they are entitled to register for CA final. Students must pay a total of 75000 for the CA Final Course.


After 12th grade, there are a few options for becoming a CA.

After 12th grade, there are three options for CA. CA foundation, CA intermediate, and CA final are the three layers of examination that students must pass. If students desire the best education for CA after 12th, KS ACADEMY is the only institute that can help them achieve their goals.


For students of commerce:


First, CA foundation is the new term for CPT, which stands for Common Proficiency Test. Students must register for CPT after 10th grade, whereas CA foundation students can register after 12th grade. Students will be able to enrol for CA foundation for the next three years once they have completed the course.

The second level is CA intermediate, which is a step up from CA foundation. There’s another way to get into CA intermediate.

  • The first step is for pupils to pass the foundation examinations and enrol in CA intermediate.
  • Second, direct admittance is only available to individuals who have completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Third, students can register for CA final after passing CA intermediate and completing three years of articleship under a professional CA.

Non-commerce students

Non-commerce students can become the next chartered accountant if they desire to take CA after 12th science. To do so, non-commerce students must first register for the CA foundation. Even so, they must have a minimum of 60% in their graduation to be eligible for CA intermediate. The requirements for becoming a Chartered Accountant are as follows:

  • There is no upper age limit for the CA foundation test in 2021.
  • Students who have completed their 12th grade are eligible for CA foundation examinations, whereas those who have completed their post-secondary education are eligible for CA intermediate exams.
  • To be excused from the CA foundation, commerce students only need a 55 percent in their graduation, whereas non-commerce students require a 60 percent.
  • In India, the total length of the CA course is 4.5 years.
  • CA intermediate is open to graduate and postgraduate students.
  • After graduation, the minimum CA course duration is three years.
  • If a student enrols in CA after 12th grade, the course will take 4.5 years to complete.


Any student can register for a CA course in India by fulfilling these CA Course Eligibility Criteria.


CA Course Duration After 12th-

The course duration after 12th is 4.5 years, but there is a condition for students: if they pass all of the exams on the first attempt, it will only take 4.5 years, but if they fail, each attempt will add six months to the total period. After 12th, the CA course is presently India’s best professional course.

  1. CA Foundation is the first test in the CA series. After completing your 12th grade, you can pursue a career in accounting. The training lasts six months. Students have four months to study after registering. And it takes two months for the results to arrive from the day of the exam.
  2. CA Intermediate- In India, CA Intermediate is the next step after CA. After passing the CA foundation exam, students can register for the CA Intermediate exam. After that, the ICAI provides students eight months to complete their studies and two months to wait for their exam results.
  3. Articleship- Articleship is a hands-on experience for CA students. After passing CA foundation and intermediate, students are eligible for articleship, which consists of three years of practical training for each CA student.
  4. CA Final- The CA final is the final test in the series of CA exams; students must pass two groups of exams to advance to the next level. A CA student becomes a professional Chartered accountant after passing both groups.

Procedure to become a Chartered accountant after 12th

After completing the 12th grade, you can apply to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). After 12th grade, being a chartered accountant is a little more complicated. If students wish to become chartered accountants, they must go through six phases, each with its own level of difficulty.

So, let’s have a look at how a chartered accountant works.

  1. The first step is to create a CA foundation
  2. CA intermediate is the second step.
  3. ICITSS is the third step.
  4. Articleship training is the fourth level.
  5. CA final is the fifth step.


  1. The first step is to create a CA foundation

CA foundation is the first of six steps in the CA process. Students can register for CA foundation after completing 12th grade, and they can register twice in a year, in May and November. CA foundation fees are 25,000 RS for students. Students must achieve a minimum of 50% in all topics and 40% in each subject in order to pass CA Foundation.

  1. CA intermediate is the second step

CA intermediate is not the same as CA foundation. Students must pass two groups on this exam. CA intermediate students must pay a total of 70,000 RS in fees. In August 2020, students can register for MAY 2021.

  1. ICITSS is the third step

Before beginning their articleship, students must complete 100 hours of information technology training and a seven-day orientation course.


  1. The fourth step is articleship training

After passing the CA intermediate, every CA student must complete three years of articleship instruction.

  1. CA Final is the fifth and final step.

During registration, every student hopes to be eligible for the CA final exam as soon as possible. The CA Final exam is the last in the series of CA exams. A CA student is no longer a CA student after completing the CA finals; he is now a professional chartered accountant. The total cost of the CA Final Course is 75000 RS.

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