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Korea abusive Japan silence, against Germany against G7 expansion

There is an ironic story for such a German-loving Korean. It is a tumult over South Korea's participation in the G7 and the seven major countries' summit meetings.

Korean Presidential Office rejoices with G7 invitation

The event began on May 31, with US President Trump inviting South Korea, Russia, Australia, and India to the G7, which will be held in the United States in late August as “the current G7 framework is outdated.” That is the intention to do so. As the conflict with China sharpens, the United States’ intention to strengthen the siege network against China can be seen. South Korea, which relies on trade with China and does not want to worsen relations with China, seemed to suffer from a pinch with a proposal from its America.

The Korean media also showed the same sense of crisis, but President Moon Jae-in briefly agreed on June 1, the following day, with a telephone summit meeting with President Trump that he was willing to accept. Read More News Here: Latest Serial Gossip

The next day, a spokesman for the Korean Presidential Office proudly said, “Meaning that South Korea will be a member of the leader nation leading the world order.” “It will not be temporary if the president attends. It will become an official member of the new system of G11 or G12,” he said before turning into a G7 official member. In Korea, which cares about “up and down” the “national rank” is so important that it is not comparable to Japan.

Entering the G7 will lead to the international approval of being “same grade” as Japan, which will be a great score for the administration. Originally, since K continued to promote national self-esteem that Cheong Wa Dae was more delighted at the “upgrading of the national character” rather than the conflict with China.

The Level Of Shame In Japan Is The Highest In The World

It was the reaction of the Japanese government that spoiled the “joy” of South Korea. Chief Cabinet Secretary Kang Kyung-wha said at a meeting on June 29, “I think it is extremely important to maintain the framework of the G7 itself. What the final format of the event will be will be adjusted by the United States. I think that is the case.” According to diplomatic officials, the consent of all participating countries is required to become a G7 official member.

Japan’s claim to maintain the current framework means it will prevent South Korea from becoming a G7 member. The reaction of the Korean presidential bureau to this Japanese attitude was extremely fierce. In front of a Korean media reporter, Cheong Wa Dae officials said, “It’s no surprise now that Japan is accustomed to harming neighboring countries and does not admit or reflect.” Is the highest level in the world.” “The international community, especially developed countries, are fully aware of such shameful levels in Japan, so there is no particular impact (on the expansion of G7 and the concept of participating in South Korea). ” It is hard to believe that the words “the world’s top shame rankings” will come up when evaluating other countries from the mouth of a responsible official.

Germany opposes G7 expansion

As the advanced nations understand the shame of Japan, the Korean Presidential Office emphasized that G7 participation would not be affected, but it seems that this is not the case. German Foreign Minister Heiko Mars said in an interview with a local media on July 26, “G7 and G20 are reasonably organized” “We do not need G11 or G12.” The main story is against Russia’s participation, but it showed exactly the same stance as Japan, maintaining the G7 framework.

Although Germany is classified as a developed country in the world, it does not seem to “understand that Japan is shameful” as the Korean presidential office says. By showing the same attitude as Japan, it was thought that Germany would also be ranked in the “top shame ranking world top level” by the Korean presidential office, but as of July 28, the presidential office is silent for some reason. The Foreign Ministry just commented, “It is understood that it represented Germany’s general position on the G7 expansion.” Unlike Japan, it seems that he is a little shy of Germany.

Cheong Wa Dae does not hear the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Regarding a response from the Korean Cheong Wa Dae, one South Korean government official said, “It is only stupid that President Trump will also invite South Korea etc., but it is too stupid to blame Japan for joining G7 without permission. “Was lamented.” The G7 has a track record of holding an “outreach meeting” in which the countries invited by the presidency participated, but it is criticized as “prompt” that the Korean presidential office jumped a step away from becoming an “official member.”

Conservative media from South Korea also said, “The presidential office that shouted to become a world leader has become less visible.” ( Chuo Nippo ), “G7 expansion that eliminated China in the midst of deepening US-China confrontation However, since Cheong Wa Dae said that Korea will become an official member of the new international system of G11 or G12, the position has narrowed down.”

(Korea Daily ) There are voices of criticism. The Korean Presidential Office’s response this time was evaluated as “impossible response that I can’t think that a professional diplomat is involved” even if I asked multiple foreign officials. In South Korea, where the president holds a great deal of power against the backdrop of a huge amount of personnel rights, the Cheong Wa Dae, rather than the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, often holds the diplomatic leadership.

In particular, I often hear that the administration of the Juvenile Tora, which is said to have a strong awareness that “the bureaucratic mechanism that supported the conservative government is an enemy,” tends to reject the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nevertheless, the diplomatic authorities of both sides continue to discuss the confusing Japan-Korea relationship. When I hear the statement of “shamelessness” Eunun who ignores the basics of diplomacy, I feel anger and surprise, and even the vainness that the efforts of those involved in trying to manage the Japan-Korea relations may be lost.

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