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Key difference between Steel and Aluminum Fencing

Fencing is a style statement; it defines the look and feel of the whole premise whether it is a home or a commercial complex. It declares the quality of the construction and thought that would have gone into erecting a particular structure. Earlier wrought iron was a common choice for gates & fence, but with the change in time and with the conscious effort being made to cut down cost, aluminum and steel have become the preferred choice.

Now, between the two, the question is which is better and which kind of material will look good and will be value for money and give enough security. So, here we bring three basic differences between the two materials that can be useful while making a choice.

Steel vs Aluminum Fencing

Before we move ahead, it is good to understand that both make excellent choices with their uniqueness. Selection entirely depends on the purpose of function of the fencing otherwise both are equally known for durability, design and definitely have low maintenance or can even be classified as maintenance-free.

Still, we need to take into account the basic points that would help in picking the right material for our home. We are listing three things that can be instrumental in deciding upon steel and aluminum fencing for residential use.

1. Design: There is no dearth of style either for aluminum and steel fencing, there are numerous designs available in the market and one can even get it customised. So, there is absolutely no need to doubt the elegance quotient. If you want your gate to complement the color and look of your home, then aluminum fencing has a lot to offer. Steel usually come in bronze or black, it offers limited colors. For both kind of materials, the market offers several styling options which range from arched loops to pear pickets and more. In low cost and virtually no maintenance, one can get a sophisticated looking gate.

2. Durability: If a comparison has to be drawn with traditional fencing materials as wood or chain, then for sure steel and aluminum is any day better and offer incomparable durability. Especially, aluminum is resistant to elements and does not rust or corrode. Though steel gets rust but if treated by a protective coating, it can last long and stays free of maintenance. Also, steel is a good choice when you are looking for higher security fencing. It is sturdier and stronger than aluminum gates.

3. Value for money: Steel and aluminum have long life and is considered a great investment. If you want to enjoy time with family and pets in your beautiful lawn, then they give that freedom as you do not need to spend time on maintaining the gates. These days, ornamental aluminum and steel fencing with protective coating to last long and stay strong, cuts the cost and gives comfort as well.

Why Omni Steel?

If you are looking fencing material for and want to explore your options in steel and aluminum, then ring our bell today! Just drop in your queries and our experts will get in touch with you and explain the benefits of both the types of materials.



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