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Juhi Chawla Recounts How Saroj Khan Choreographed Her Cameo In Chandni Song ‘Lagi Aaj Sawan’

Juhi Chawla explains how Saroj Khan choreographed his camera in Chandni’s song ‘Lagi Aaj Sawan’

Juhi Chawla talks about the appearance of guests at Sridevi Chandni

Juhi Chawla Recounts How Saroj Khan Choreographed Her Cameo In Chandni Song ‘Lagi Aaj Sawan’

”I was very new, shot Yash Chopra in a movie starring big stars and I was going to do a song … graciously the shots were just me, but then it was the top factor of that time, Sarojji! ”

Juhi Chawla says he is nervous to shoot with the late choreographer

“I just wished everything went well. It was an outdoor shooting among the greens, Sarojji showed me a shot and the cameras are starting to move. It was probably my lucky day because every first or second was okay. I remember my staff telling me that Sarojji isn’t easy to say “okay”; if the shot doesn’t go well, you don’t get anything, “Juhi told the information company.

Juhi Chawla and Saroj Khan went to work together on many films

Gentleman and so on. ”

Juhi Chawla reveals how Saroj Khan got his looter’s song stylish

wear a shirt on the beach and I was nervous thinking about how it would turn out because it was a whole image change when I switched from using QSQT ghagra-chol only to a shirt on the beach. Sarojji handled it and when I saw how he shot it and what it turned out, I was surprised. I looked like a million. He could make magic from scratch, he made everything look stylish, it was never just a song, it was the subtlety of how he made you look and perform, it was his gift. ”

Juhi Chawla recalls filming a seductive song for Rakesh Roshan’s Karobar

“We fired at the Carobar in South Africa. The director was Rakesh Roshanji. We did this seductive number and once again, I was nervous, I cried and demanded that I do the song only if Sarojji shoots it. Guruji was very friendly., He called Sarojji and asked him We waited days in Cape Town when he was finishing his previous commitment and then he came and shot the song for us. Sarojji was very busy, he would be overwhelmed with work because He would have shot his spine, do 3 shifts in a row if possible because all the great people wanted him because his work was magnificent, ”the actor informed IANS.

he faded into oblivion. He was attractive, he had the finest sense of shooting in terms of direction, his expressions were fantastic – be it naughty, seductive, sad, funny or whatever. His sensitivity in each department was top notch. he had subtlety. He had a great sense of humor, he was superior, he was iconic. ”

Juhi Chawla on Why He Loves Working with Saroj Khan

Many of my songs have also been choreographed by Tarun Masterji and Chinni Prakashji, who were from the south and their styles were very different from Sarojji. So when I worked with Sarojji, it took me a day or two to suck on his style, and by the third or fourth day, when I get to his rhythm, the song ended up over. I have to wait another six months to work with him and start the process again. ”

Juhi Chawla from the Saroj Khan Association with Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit.

“He did so much work with Srideviji, and I was a fan of both, I listened to Sarojji’s anecdotes about Srideviji, how he was so shy, but back on the screen, he was so amazingly gorgeous and well-assembled I listened with my wide eyes and try to emulate those things because they were both I remember him telling us how he started in his industry when he was only 12-13 years old, how he was an assistant He was simply magic, you can’t explain it, it’s only in some people, he

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