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Jonathan Isaac refuses to stand on one knee while singing national anthem

The team is a good victory, but the players are heartbroken "It's hard to see it happen again"

Jonathan Isaac, who became a hot topic when he refused to wear the “Black Lives Matter” shirt and stand on one knee while singing the national anthem in the opening game of the NBA restart, was sent off on the way due to his left leg injury in the Kings match.

Isaac was injured in the foot for the remaining 9 minutes and 19 seconds in the fourth quarter. Immediately after jumping between the two defenders in a drive and jumping to shoot, he fell to the floor with a tormented expression in the air, holding his left knee. After the medical staff confirmed the run-up status, Isaac left the court, holding his head with both hands, in a wheelchair pushed by Magic’s representative of basketball operations Jeff Weltman.

Magic head coach Steve Clifford said, “I will not give up hope. I’m sure it looked serious. Don’t give up hope until I get a report.” According to the report, it was found to be an anterior cruciate ligament rupture on the left knee.

The match was a 132-116 victory over Magic, but the bench was quiet after Isaac left. Ace’s Aaron Gordon wept in the sight of his teammate’s injury. “It was tough. Izaak was injured and wept. I knew how great he was, how hard he was working, and how hard he was trying to recover from the injury.”

Opponent Kings Harry Giles III called out Isaac before he left the court in a wheelchair. In high school, Giles III ruptured the anterior cruciate ligaments on both knees and had surgery on his left knee before entering Duke University. “I told him brightly and positively. I don’t want to see it because I know how difficult it is to get injured. I don’t like talking about injuries. I continue to rehabilitate and play with knee supporters today. I can only say that I was unlucky, but it is painful to see the injury recur.”

Magic has made a good start with two consecutive victories after the league reopens in the bubble, but the loss of Isaac may affect the team’s long-term plan. In Isaac’s third year this year, Rookie Year has only played 27 games with a sprained ankle. The team took time to train while limiting the participation time by prioritizing the recovery of injuries, but due to this injury, it is unavoidable to change the plan.

“I’m looking forward to fighting with my teammates.”

The Shiga Lakestars today announced they have won Jordan Hamilton.

Hamilton is an American, 201 cm 103 kg forward, and the younger brother of Gary Hamilton who played in Shiga for two seasons from 2009. Originally from Texas, he was nominated by Mavericks for the 2011 NBA draft, but was immediately traded by the Nuggets. He then crossed the Rockets, Clippers and Pelicans and played 151 games in the NBA. After leaving the NBA, he traveled to various countries such as Turkey and Italy, where he played last season in the Dominican Republic and Israel. In Israel, he has participated in 21 games and recorded 14.6 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.8 assists in an average play time of 29.9 minutes, and is a player who is good at shooting 3 points despite the size of 201 cm.

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Coach Sean Dennis Head introduced Hamilton in this way. “I’m a versatile forward player who can play the wing position. It’s an all-rounder who can attack, creative, as well as have a wide range of shots, and it will put a lot of pressure on the opponent’s defense. And this is an important part for me. Because of the young team, I look forward to his leadership in addition to his abilities.”

Hamilton has published the following comments through the club: “I am truly grateful for this opportunity to play in a great country and a great club. First of all, I would like to thank Dennis Coach and the people involved in the club for giving me the opportunity to play in Shiga. We look forward to fighting with our teammates, and we look forward to meeting all of our great Lakes boosters.”

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