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Jobs That A Dental Sales Recruiter Can Get Into

Dental sales recruiters are an integral part of the health care industry. Many job opportunities exist in both retail and professional sectors. This is because dental sales are fast-growing industry that employs many people. Dental sales positions can be perfect for persons with backgrounds in sales in other fields and sales experience. The following are some of the job titles available in dental sales:

Call center representative – A call center representative works by answering phones and prospecting for clients. They are also the ones that sell dental insurance. Other than being a customer service rep, these representatives can also sell dental products such as braces, bridges, and teeth whitening kits. If you already have a background in sales, then dental sales careers may be the right career path for you. However, if you lack sales experience or are undecided, then dental sales recruiters may be the right fit for you.

Medical sales recruiters – Like dental sales positions, medical sales positions can also be perfect for those who have sales experience but do not have a background in the medical field. Medical sales reps work directly with physicians and doctors on behalf of their patients. They can make sales calls to promote procedures and treatments and help doctors and hospitals advertise new or existing medical products. Those with medical sales jobs are also responsible for following up with patients after they have completed treatment so that they can receive the necessary billing and insurance information.

Dental Insurance Broker – Becomes a dental insurance broker is easy if you have sales experience. The dental insurance broker is a direct connection between insurance companies and dental care facilities. These brokers will actively seek out those individuals who may need dental care and contact them on behalf of the insurance companies. They will negotiate on behalf of the insurance companies to obtain the best rates and terms possible. Dental insurance sales recruiters can assist with beginning a career as a dental insurance broker.

Dental Assistant – There are many dental assisting opportunities available to those with sales experience. A dental assistant works under the supervision of a dental hygienist. Assistants perform basic duties such as taking x-rays and preparing patients for their dental appointment. Some dental assistants will also perform minor oral surgeries and extractions. As a result, dental sales recruiters will often find these positions filling out call lists of dental offices. These are great entry level dental sales positions, and those interested can be on their way to a lucrative career in dental assisting.

Dental Tech – This type of position requires additional training after earning a dental assistant certification. After obtaining a tech certification, a dental sales recruiter will be able to take on other roles in a dental office. A dental tech works under the supervision of a dental hygienist. They perform basic tasks like taking x-rays and helping with patients’ oral hygiene. Many graduates find employment as an assistant to a dentist, technician, or dental hygienist.

Dental Insurance Sales – This type of job is another option for those interested in becoming a dental sales recruiter. A dental insurance sales recruiter will help individuals secure employment with dental insurance companies. The process involves locating potential insurance sales candidates and then making an appointment to discuss job details. They then make recommendations on the best positions for those interested. After finding the right positions, they will contact those individuals and present their opening. If someone interested applies and is accepted, they will be added to the list of temporary dental sales representatives.

There are other jobs that a dental sales recruiter can work into his or her repertoire of responsibilities. Many dental offices have jobs for these types of sales professionals. For example, dental offices could use dental sales recruiters to help sell dental plans. Those interested in working at a dental office would simply need to search for openings. There are many dental offices looking for dental sales recruiters and individuals interested in fulfilling their career goals with dentistry.

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