Is there any scheme to validate the Canadian PR once it has expired?

If you’ve been authorized as a Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada but haven’t been allowed to start your new life because of COVID-19 restrictions, the good news is that beginning June 21, 2021, persons approved for Permanent Residency will be free to enter Canada. Contact Canada immigration consultants in Delhi to know about this in detail.

Travel restrictions to Canada remain in effect, while quarantine rules for fully vaccinated travelers have been relaxed.

If, however, your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) has expired while you wait for border restrictions to ease, here’s how to renew it so you can go to Canada.

But, before we head into hows and whys let’s discuss some basic insights.

What is a CoPR, let Canada immigration consultants guide you!

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada issues a CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) to newly authorized Permanent Residents (IRCC). A CoPR is normally granted to newcomers before they go to Canada, and your landing date will be added to it at your Canadian port of entry. You will receive an email with information on how to confirm your CoPR online through the IRCC’s Permanent Residence portal if you are already in Canada on a work or study permit when your Permanent Residence application is confirmed. Your CoPR serves as proof of your legal status in Canada and serves as a record of the date you become a Permanent Resident.

How long is a CoPR valid? Contact Canada immigration consultants for insights.

A CoPR normally lasts for a year and is linked to the expiration of your medical exam, visa sticker, and passport. Newcomers to Canada are usually required to use their CoPR before it expires.

A permanent residence visa may be required as part of your application, depending on the nation you arrive from.

CoPR expiry date extension

If you were unable to enter Canada owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions and your CoPR has now expired, the Canadian government has advised against booking flights or attempting to travel. You cannot go to Canada with expired travel documents, and if you do, you and your family may be denied admission.

Anyone who does not utilize their CoPR before it expires would have to reapply in regular circumstances. However, because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions, Canadian Immigration and Citizenship is making exceptions for people who were unable to travel due to the pandemic.

Latest changes in Canadian immigration (Post-covid)

IRCC has already begun working with applicants who were previously exempt from travel restrictions to Canada in order to reissue them a valid CoPR. Most people who have an expired CoPR that was issued on or before March 18, 2020 have already been contacted by the government with guidance on what to do next. You do not need to contact IRCC again if you have previously gotten an email from them.

However, if you have an expired CoPR issued after March 18, 2020, you should expect an email from IRCC regarding your application. If you still want permanent residency, you will be asked in the email.

Given below are more insights:

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada, you must reply to the IRCC email confirming your desire to come to Canada. The IRCC will then provide you guidance on what you should do next. Canada immigration consultants in Delhi might be able to help you.

It’s crucial to know that if you don’t answer to the IRCC’s communication about your expired CoPR, your case will be closed, and you’ll have to reapply when you’re ready to settle in Canada.

What are the documents required for Canada PR renewal?

If your CoPR has expired and you have not heard from IRCC, you should not contact them because this will cause additional delays for everyone who wants to settle in Canada. Instead, the IRCC is requesting that consumers wait for further email instructions.

  1. Medical exams
  2. Police certificates
  3. Passport

Requirements for CoPR:

If the IRCC tells you or your family that an updated medical examination is required, wait until you receive further instructions from immigration before scheduling one. New instruction paperwork will be sent by IRCC to take to a doctor for the updated medical exam.

You’ll also be asked to affirm if your family situation has altered in any way, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a kid. You may be required to send additional documents to IRCC, such as a birth certificate, depending on your family circumstances. Based on your circumstances, IRCC should offer you with guidance on which extra documents they want.

What if my CoPR and visa are still valid?

Individuals and families with a CoPR and permanent resident visa that is valid until October 1, 2021 or later are expected to have adequate time to enter Canada before their immigration documents expire, according to the IRCC. If your CoPR is valid until or after October 1, 2021, plan your travel appropriately, as more extensions may not be granted.

Haven’t heard from IRCC? Here’s what you can do.

If your CoPR has expired and you have not heard from IRCC, you should not contact them because this will cause additional delays for everyone who wants to settle in Canada. Instead, the IRCC is requesting that consumers wait for further email instructions.

Getting ready to travel to Canada

Once you received email from IRCC get prepared to submit the documents. This can be done either virtually or manually. This benefit is given keeping in mind the Virus situation.

The IRCC will reissue your documents and send you the following valid documents to travel to Canada:

  1. A re-printed CoPR
  2. A new visa sticker for your passport

Once you have all the updated documents from IRCC, you can start booking your flights to Canada.

Safe and gradual arrival of new permanent residents

You will not be able to travel to Canada if your CoPR has expired. COVID-19 has obstructed the flow of immigrants. Pertaining to which IRCC revealed new rules and regulations.

In the meanwhile, we recommend you to wait if you haven’t heard from Canadian immigration. Patience is the key afterall!

How to get CoPR easily?

Well, Canada PR agency is always there to help you with Canadian immigration. They will try and make the process as easy as possible for you.

If due to COVID-19 or any other problem you are not able to get Canada PR, get in touch with immigration consultants immediately.

Why professional experts?

Well, the immigration experts are IRCC certified. It is legal proof that they are trustworthy. Having IRCC certification is a stamp of genuineness on the consultants.

If you are facing any issues in the process, these will be the first ones to guide you. You can easily contact immigration experts online as well as offline. Just make sure to check for the IRCC certification.

Benefits of IRCC consultants:

a. They are trustworthy

b. All the certified consultants are legally approved of helping their clients

c. All the recent trends are in their knowledge

d. They know how to help in no matter what the situation is

People aplying for Canada PR with the help of certified consultants often find the process easy. They (consultants) eliminate all the hurdles that may come your way, during the process of immigration. If you find yourself stuck at any point, certified consultants are there to help you.


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Why do you think people prefer Canada to be their second home? The main reason is that Canada offers huge range of benefits to its citizens. Whether you are a citizen of Canada or a PR, you will get treated equally. You can get your PR hassle free with the help of Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

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