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Is it Easy To Fix The Chipped Tooth?

Is it easy to fix the chipped tooth?

Chipped Tooth – As far as dental issues are concerned, you cannot fix them on your own. Thus, when you think that whether any particular dental treatment is easy or tough then it would mean that you will not be able to do things on your own. 

There are two types of chipping and one is the non-threatening type, but it could be a cause for concern if left unattended and untreated in time causing harm to your teeth further down the line like fracture of tooth enamel which is also known as a dental crown (replaced tooth). Chipping teeth can happen at any time from simple accidents such as hitting something hard or falling down from a height to the more serious problem where the tooth gets fractured or chipped beyond repair or when there are internal problems that could lead to tooth loss.

If you have had a chipped tooth then you need to go and see a dentist. Find a reputable dentist in your area who can help you to fix the dental issue. But, if you have faced chipping in your tooth and you want some temporary solution then here’s how you can follow the same. The dentist will fix your issue of chipped teeth. So, read the information hereunder and get an idea about both these solutions.

Chipped Tooth

Things to keep in mind when you have had chips in the tooth

Here is what our Dentist Berwick said about this: since there would be immense pain because there was tooth chipping, you should first take an over-the-counter pain-killing medication. Acetaminophen is generally the medicine that would solve the pain related to tooth-chipping. You can take this pain-killing medicine. Apart from that, you can do salt water rinsing. If you rinse your mouth with salt water, the chances of infection will be reduced. This is not a long-term solution but rather to get you through the day while your dentist determines how to treat the problem, and possibly save the tooth, if possible. You will have to see a dentist very soon. But till that time, it would be better to thrive on soft food items. Eat soft foods so that there is no further damage to the tooth. Quickly take an appointment with the dentist.

Treatments that the dental doctor would follow to fix a chipped tooth

There are different treatments that your dentist will suggest depending upon the dental issue. Like, for tooth chipping generally the doctor will suggest filling, dental veneer, or dental crown. Here’s the discussion about the details of each treatment.

  • Applying a filling

If the chipped tooth is just a bit then there will not be a need to do a complex treatment. Merely applying a filling in that area will work. However, you must get in touch with a good dentist who will check and diagnose the condition and then fill up the chipped tooth. There’s one more method called bonding and in this, an adhesive material that they use to stick the resin. This method is also quite simple and there is no need to use numbing agents or any such thing. Generally, the cost of a filling is around USD 200.

2. Application of a veneer

If the front tooth has chipped then in most cases, the doctor will apply the veneer. This is the most common treatment. The veneers are created as per the custom solutions. When you go for the check-up the dentist will decide how he will make the veneer in the lab and how he will fix the chipped tooth. In general, its cost is around 2000 USD. 

3. Using a dental crown as treatment

If the large part of the tooth was damaged then there will be a need to use a dental crown over the chipped tooth. The dentist will take the relevant measurements and will make a crown or cap in the lab. The dentist will also need to cut the tooth from its base and place it back in its position where it should be restored with a new crown for lifetime use, so you should plan your budget accordingly to avoid any problems after this procedure has been done by the doctor or dentist in his clinic or surgery center at home or office at home/office at different other locations throughout the world because that’s where we are living nowadays in this modern era of technology. This will protect the tooth that has remained. The color of the cap would be such that the tooth will look like a real one. Hence the aesthetic look of the dental crown is quite dependable. The cost of the crown will also be approximately 2000 USD.  

4. Use of Dental sealants

One of the ideal choices to fix tooth holes is dental sealants which also protect your infected and cracked toothy. The cavity causes bacteria sealants to act as a barrier in that case. On the backside of your morals, dentists place a dental sealant. The dental emergency includes a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth. In that case, try to consult a doctor as soon as possible to discover a damaged tooth. They explore a suitable option for dental treatment. The dentist checks the damage and then treats the chipped or broken tooth according to that.  

5. Using Bonding

One of the most common methods for chipped teeth is bonding. It is used for less complicated chips. Bonding a composite material over the chip and healthy area of the tooth involves molding. The remaining enamel will be roughened up by the dentists to attach the composite properly. After that to create a natural cover over chipped teeth they attach and shape the bond. At last, to harden the material bonding is set with a blue light. If you take care of your bonding properly then they will last for 8 to 10 years.

6. Root canal as a treatment

Most dentists recommend a Root Canal Treatment to you if your tooth is broken off but the roof is intact. To build the structure, a pin and post in the canal of your tooth are placed. So firstly they place a temporary crown and later replace it with a permanent one which helps to restore your smile.

It is vital to talk to the dentist about the problem and the treatment costs. Once you know about the treatment cost, you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the same or not?

Conclusion: Is it easy to fix the chipped tooth?

Is it easy to fix the chipped tooth? well, now you got some idea on The Post City. Dentists remove all the roots and pulp of the tooth and clean the area. To prevent further infection, the area will be sealed off. So, these different dental procedures fix your chipped tooth. The methods depend upon the type and depth of the chip. You should always get a proper check-up before choosing any of the procedures as a suitable treatment for your teeth. 

Having the problem of chipped teeth would mean that you should find a reliable solution. You can choose dental bonding, veneer, or crown treatment. It is your dentist who will provide you with the best possible treatment. So, it is important to seek help from a reputable and good dentist. This will help you in getting the right solution. It would be better to take steps in regards to the problem. If you avoid the same and postpone it then you can have a problem with that tooth.

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