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Is Investing In Affordable Housing Gurgaon A Good Idea?

For property investors, choosing the right property is very important as one wrong decision can prove to be an expensive mistake. In major cities like Gurgaon, an investor has plenty of housing options to pick from. Lately, affordable housing Gurgaon has been attracting an increasing number of investors. The city has also witnessed a spike in the number of affordable housing project launches, especially with the segment’s government initiatives. Here is why investing in an affordable home might prove to be a wise decision:

  • Low risks: The real estate sector itself is considered a low-risk investment avenue as housing is always in demand. However, if an investor who purchased a high-end property fails to find tenants, it might lead to significant losses. On the other hand, the risks involved in affordable housing are far lower due to these homes pricing.
  • Market scenario: The contemporary market scenario is an advantage for those investing in Gurgaon affordable housing too. When the market is saturated with high-end properties, the returns from luxury homes aren’t that great. On the other hand, the supply of affordable homes in the market does not meet the demand yet and hence; such a property can still generate profitable returns.
  • Increasing demand: Any city which is a significant employment hub generally attracts a large influx of migrants. The same applies to Gurgaon too, with the flourishing corporate sector causing a growing population of professionals to move to this city. With many professionals being young professionals, the demand for affordable rental housing is high.
  • Price appreciation: With the demand for residential properties in Gurgaon rising steeply, the properties are continually going a significant appreciation of value. Moreover, several localities in the city are witnessing further infrastructural development, resulting in higher property rates in the future. Ultimately, this would make affordable homes Gurugram more profitable as the investors would earn high returns from rent or resale.
  • Locational benefits: In the past, one of the major problems of affordable housing used to be locational advantages. In order to cut the costs, the developers used to come up with these projects in regions with low land rates, which often had poor infrastructure and connectivity. However, this is now changing with more affordable housing projects being developed at strategic locations that offer easy access to amenities and commercial hubs.
  • Easier to buy: As the name suggests, these properties are affordable and can hence be purchased easily by most investors. However, several additional benefits are also available in case of affordable homes. For example, you may obtain up to 90% loan from any nationalised bank for selected affordable projects in Gurgaon. Under government initiative, easy payment plans of small instalments are available to the property buyers too.
  • Amenities: Previously, the term ‘affordable housing’ used to put up an image of a primary home with just the essential amenities. The demands for home seekers have now changed and such properties no longer attract enough tenants. Currently, the home-renters seek residences with various lifestyle, fitness and recreational amenities which would save them the trouble of travelling outdoors for everything. To meet this changing trend, the builders have now started to develop affordable housing projects In Gurgaon which offer facilities like open spaces, indoor games, clubhouses and more.
  • Easy to resell: An affordable home is easy to find tenants for and relatively easy to sell-off. Due to these homes relatively low price and the high demand, you may quickly find a buyer for an affordable property if you choose to put it on resale. Affordable residential properties are, therefore, profitable from every aspect.

Investing in an affordable home in Gurgaon would be a good purchase. This segment has already gained considerable popularity among investors who seek a profitable option with low risks.

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