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Is Comlink 5G Home Internet Really Worth It?

People have mixed feelings about 5G Home internet now that it is accessible in several places throughout the United States. In terms of Comlink 5G home internet, the service significantly improves over other rural internet alternatives. However, the service falls short when compared to fiber internet access.

Comlink almost overnight developed its network of 5G cell towers capable of providing high-speed internet to more than 30 million residences. Comlink employs fixed wireless instead of the cable infrastructure used by other internet service providers. Fixed wireless internet is known for being slower than cable and fiber internet. Comlink home internet service is now on par with established broadband providers throughout the United States, thanks to a large investment in 5G cell towers.

Let’s be honest: most folks were underwhelmed with Comlink “New and Improved” home internet service during testing. In general, the service was not as dependable as cable internet. Comlink 5G home internet service, on the other hand, maybe life-changing for folks living in remote locations. Slow DSL and pricey satellite internet connections are generally the only alternatives in rural areas. Compared to Comlink 5G Home internet service, normal internet customers may find it life-changing.

Don’t get too excited just yet; the speeds you’ll receive will vary significantly depending on where you reside. The only way to get a clear picture of Comlink new home internet services is to purchase them.

Availability of Comlink 5G Home Internet

In April 2021, Comlink will launch its 5G home internet service. The service is accessible in 634 metro regions throughout the United States, with an average of 30 million residences covered. Thanks to its expanded coverage, Comlink is now one of the leading internet service providers in terms of service. According to Comlink analysis, more than 10 million of these households are in rural locations. Mobile’s mission is to provide internet access for rural regions.

Whether you want to know if you’ll be able to use the service, go to Comlink official website and check the availability. You’ll be able to receive home internet access if Comlink Mobile’s phone services are available in your location.

Review of Comlink’s 5G Home Internet Speed and Reliability

Comlink will send you a home internet gateway when you sign up for the service and submit the necessary paperwork. Most functions, such as Zoom meetings, live TV streaming, Netflix, online gaming, and smart device integration, can be accomplished with the internet service.

The internet works well most of the time, but there are times when it fails. If you’ve ever used cable internet, you’ll know that Zoom isn’t always reliable with audio and video transmission. Comlink’s 5G home internet is seamless, except for some poor speeds and 1 in 10 video call issues.

You can easily do high bandwidth activities whether you live alone or share a room with a roommate. A family with a high bandwidth need, on the other hand, may not be able to use the same internet connection. If this describes you, cutting your cable internet package may not be the greatest decision.

Comlink Download Speed

It all boils down to the download speeds that an internet provider has to provide in the end. After all, statistics aren’t deceiving. Comlink’s home internet is unusual in that it just has one package and no download speed restrictions. According to the official Comlink website, the internet service “anticipates download speeds exceeding 100 Mbps for select consumers,” but no family should experience rates below 25 Mbps for long periods.

Comlink assertion was correct, according to several user complaints and personal testing. Only once or twice did the internet speed drop below 25 Mbps. When you compare Comlink home internet 5G to cable or other connections, you’ll notice that the speed fluctuates a lot more.

Xfinity, Verizon, and other cable internet providers delivered more constant speeds throughout the day. On the other hand, Comlink revealed significant speed variations in each speed test. Any internet aficionado knows that internet speeds depend on various things. Location, signal strength, time of day, weather, and other variables all impact speeds. If you currently have a cable internet connection, the difference in speed will be significant.

Before you choose Comlink  5G home internet, consider that a variety of factors influences wireless networks. Comlink’s internet is more subject to speed variations, so you could have some issues if you require a lot of bandwidth regularly.

Comlink Upload Speed

Unlike the download speeds, Comlink 5G home internet offers great upload speeds. The average upload speed is moreover 40 Mbps, according to two weeks of firsthand testing. External variables may affect your upload speeds. Regardless, the upload speed is faster than practically every cable provider available. Comlink can keep up with your demands if you’re planning to upload a lot of data from several devices.

Comlink Data Caps

And Comlink is one and only home internet service does not have any data limitations, making things even better. Comlink also promises that download speeds will not be throttled when a customer uses a specific amount of data. So, if you don’t mind variable download rates, Comlink’s 5G home internet service might be ideal for you.

Comlink 5G home Internet Equipment for the Home

Comlink, as previously stated, offers a wireless gateway for its home internet service. The setup is straightforward, and even non-technical users may do it within 10 minutes. If you despise the installation and waiting for the technician that comes with any internet service, Comlink takes care of it for you.

A gateway is a cylindrical-shaped gadget with a touch screen on top that seems basic. It has two LAN ports, one USB-C port, a UPS device connector, an RJ-11 telephone jack, and a power jack. To finish the setup, download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Wi-Fi service.

There are a few areas where the equipment falls short. It mostly lacks many of the sophisticated functions found in high-end wireless routers. You may pick between the two bands, but no parental restrictions or VPN options are available. You may detach devices from the gateway or plan automatic disconnect for certain devices, which is beneficial.

Competitors vs. Comlink 5G Home Internet

Comlink 5G home internet is less expensive than other carriers that provide similar speeds. We compared Comlink internet service to that of its major rivals. This benefit since the Comlink home internet 5G pricing includes all taxes and other costs. Expect to spend $1-$20 more than the advertised price for practically all internet service providers.

Comlink’s 5G Home Internet is a winner.

Your service’s speed, regularity, and dependability will be determined by how near your residence is to cell towers. If you live in a big city, fiber internet is still the superior choice for your home internet if you don’t mind paying more.

Comlink 5G home internet is a significant improvement in rural regions. In addition, the steady $99.99 price is enough to convince you to switch from satellite internet. Comlink can provide you with a very enjoyable internet experience compared to DSL and satellite internet. The icing on the cake is that there are no contracts or data limits to deal about.

However, since fixed wireless internet performance is dependent on location, the service is still hit or miss. So the only way to know how well Comlink internet will work for you is to try it out for yourself.

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