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International Courier Services

International Courier Services

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Inernational Courier Services – In this fast world most of the people needs fast parcel delivery Services, In International Courier Services courier company pickup the parcel from customers doorsteps locally, does the transportation by flight does the customs clearance as courier shipments so the clearance gets priority, once get cleared from customs, again connects with local flights to the receiver nearest airport to avoid transportation delays, once it reaches the destination deliver to customers at the earliest. Normally it takes maximum 5 to 6 days transit worldwide, in cargo mode delivery may take months but it is also door to door cargo

International Courier Service is very easy and convenient to customers, earlier postal services used to take months to delivery documents or parcels to worldwide, now there are lots of courier companies who provides best international courier service world wide, like algcourier, dhlcourier, fedex courier, upscourier, aglcargo

In courier mode customers sends mainly documents, Gifts, Small Package etc, but cargo mode customers mainly send heavy parcels, like personal goods, Commercial goods, furniture, Heavy equipment, Major Courier Companies are DHL Courier, AGL Courier, UPS Courier, FedEX Courier Service, E-commerce Companies are mainly using Courier mode to send their parcels to Customers.

The major difference between courier and cargo services is the Delivery time, Courier Deliveries as very fast as compared with Cargo Deliveries, Customs Clearance of courier parcels are very fast and easy, normally courier parcels clears with in 24 hrs one reaches in the customs, Cargo clearance may take weeks to clear from the customs, almost all the countries cargo terminal and courier terminal operates separately, Courier parcels are small in quantity, it weigh from 0.5 to 30kg, but cargo parcels are heavy and customs does proper inspection on all the goods inside the carton boxes

Major Courier Products

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