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Interesting facts about Ramadan and its Importance

The month of Ramadan is considered very special and sacred in the religion of Islam. In this month people of all Muslim religions keep fasting and charity is done. It is believed that this month is the month of righteousness and patience. During this time, people start fasting by eating sehri in the morning and then open the fast with iftar at night. In the month of Ramadan, Allah takes special care of his children and accepts every legitimate prayer. In Ramadan the doors of paradise are opened and the doors of Jahannam are closed. So let’s tell you about the importance of Ramadan and interesting facts related to Ramadan.

What is Ramzan?


Ramadan is an Arabic word, which is derived from the Arabic-speaking word Al Ramad. Which means scorching heat. Keeping fast in Ramadan provides righteousness, and throughout this month, the Rosadar prays for forgiveness of his sins, recites Namaz. Khudam rahmat is doubled in Ramadan as compared to ordinary days. The prayers offered in Ramadan (increases by 70 times, so it is also known as the month of Rehmat and Barkat.

Importance of Ramzan


The month of Ramadan is considered very important for people of all Muslim religions. Throughout the month of Ramadan, he prays and fasts for the safety of himself and his loved ones. The month of Ramadan is considered to be more important because in this month, the Book of Allah, the first Quran of the Quran descended into the world or just say that the Quran was descended in the month of Ramadan.

It is said that in this month the doors of Jannat (heaven) are opened and the doors of Dozakh i.e. Jahannam (Hell) is closed. Donating in the month of Ramadan and feeding the poor is considered a work of righteousness.

Ramzan Facts in Hindi


There are many such things related to the month of Ramadan, about which people do not even know. So let’s connect you with interesting facts about Ramadan. 

  1. Many people do not know about Ramadan, that Taravih namaz has special significance in Ramadan. Which should be read after Isha’s namaz in which 20 rakat is recited. The salam is performed after every two rakat. There are 20 rakat in 10 Salams. There, after every 4 rakat, dua is read.
  2. Taraweeh is an Arabic word meaning resting and stopping.
  3. Many consider Taraweeh’s dua and destiny to be one, but the two are different. A prayer is recited after every four rakat in Taraweeh. This dua must be read. Just as it is necessary to keep Rosa, Taraweeh ki Dua has its own importance.
  4. The Namaz of Taraweeh and the Dua of Taraweeh are also mentioned in the Quran, the religious book of Islam.
  5. During Ramadan, it is considered wrong to consume any form of smoking or intoxicants.
  6. The facts related to the month of Ramadan suggest that it was during Ramadan itself that the first verse of the Quran was narrated to the Prophet Mohammad.
  7. Being based on the lunar calendar, it is believed that Ramadan takes about 33 Islamic years to return to the same place on the Gregorian calendar.
  8. The Arabic meaning of the word Ramadan is Ramida, which means scorching heat.
  9. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim, Islamic calendar, a religious annual observance and month of fasting that is considered to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
  10. During the month of Ramadan, adult Muslims fast from dusk until dawn, unless they are ill, pregnant, or diabetic, breastfeeding, or traveling.
  11. During fasting, try to get in the habit of sleeping early at night so that you can get up early for prayer.
  12. Start Roza Iftar with Dates and eat and drink more water, salads, fruits, juices, and soups. In such a situation, there will be no shortage of water in the body.
  13. In this Holy month, if you intentionally set any other fast than the fast of Ramadan, then that fast will not be accepted.
  14. If someone’s health is bad during Ramadan, he can keep fasting after Ramadan.
  15. If for some reason unintentionally breaking the fast, then there is no punishment, instead you can have a fast after Ramadan.
  16. Ramadan is also known as “Month of Quran” in many countries.
  17. In Ramadan, Isha Namaz is followed by Taraweeh. Taraweeh is an Arabic word, also called night prayer.
  18. If Ramadan is fasted properly, it can also help in detoxifying the body by making the brain healthy.
  19. The month of Ramadan is considered to be the month of Barkat. In such a situation, all good works should be done and others should be helped.
  20. Concession is given to young children, pregnant women and the elderly, it is not necessary to keep their fast.
  21. Dates should be present in the iftar of the evening because Prophet Mohammad used to open his Fast by eating dates.
  22. The month of Nekhi and Ibadat, Ramadan, is divided into three parts, in which the first ten days are considered to be a period of mercy, the second ten days of forgiveness and the last ten are considered to be a period of salvation.
  23. There are many rules to be followed while keeping fasting, such as physical relations, abusive language, and refrain from doing evil to anyone.

Difference between Ramzan or Ramadan?


You too must have often noticed this, as soon as the month of Ramadan starts, some people call each other Happy Ramadan and some people say Ramzan Mubarak.

In such a situation, you do not have to worry, what is the right way to congratulate many. Ramadan is the Arabic word, and Ramzan is the Urdu word. You can feel free to wish your loved ones Ramadan or Ramadan both ways.

FAQ – Ramadan questions and answers

  1. How many days after Ramadan does Eid come?

Eid usually comes 30 days after Ramadan, but it depends on the moon coming out, whether the next morning is Eid or not.

2. According to Islamic beliefs, which five pillars are made for the people of Muslim religion? 

According to Islamic beliefs these five pillars are Kalma, Namaz, Zakat, Roza and Haj (Kaaba in Mecca).

3. Why does the date of Ramadan change every year?

Yes, the month of Ramadan falls on different dates every year. The main reason for this is the Islamic calendar. There are only 354 days in Islamic calendars, according to which the date of Ramadan varies by looking at the moon. It is said that the annual Ramadan days are reduced by 13 days.

4. Does everyone have to fast?

During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims are expected to fast every day from sunrise to sunset. There are exceptions made for children and the elderly, also women who are pregnant, menstruating and nursing as well as people who are ill or travelling.

5.  Can anything invalidate a fast?

Yes, including intentionally eating or drinking, intercourse, smoking and menstrual bleeding.

In this whole month, the fasting prayers, the fixed and the prayers of the five times have special significance. These are the list of facts related to ramzan and the list of Questions and Answers related to Ramzan. We hope you have a wonderful ramzan and peaceful roza ahead. Stay Blessed

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