Insurance For Your Landscaping, Fencing And Gardening Equipment

Insurance For Your Landscaping, Fencing And Gardening Equipment

Landscaping is a process through which a piece of land, typically a garden with a lawn, or any outdoor hard surface is made more attractive by altering the existing design and adding more ornamental features, or by planting shrubs, trees and flowery creepers.

In a typical Home Insurance Quote Calgary, insurers provide coverage for fences, landscaping and gardening equipment since these are considered as a part of your home. While this serves as a re-assurance to homeowners and offers them protection in the event of a loss or damage, it is still a good idea to find out what is included in the policy and what is not.

Extent of coverage
Insurance companies follow the premise that, if you own a house, chances are you would also own a lawn and possibly some trees, and a fence or two. You might also own the equipment needed to keep your interior and exterior lawns, bushes and grounds looking great.

Based on this premise a home insurance quote Calgary can be prepared in two ways:

Taking individual items into separate heads:
– Taking gardening equipment (stuff such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, rakes and shovels) and treating it as part of your personal property.
– Taking stuff such as permanent, built-in sprinkler systems and treating it as a part of your building coverage.
– Treating fences as part of your detached structures coverage.
– Trees and shrubs are covered in two ways:
o Either as a percentage of the value of your home, or
o Valued at a flat rate with an upper limit for any single bush or tree.

Considering all items together under one head:
This option works by treating detached structures, fences and landscaping into one single head of optional and determining the amount of coverage you need.

Filing claims to recover losses from damages
In the instance that events occur and you need to file a claim for damages, here is some information:

Coverage is usually available for damages that arise as a result of events such as fire, lightning, or theft; or due to structures or trees falling on to the landscape. Damages caused to the landscape by a reckless driver are also included.

Notable exclusions are damages caused by drought, disease, water, or the weight of ice & snow may be excluded.

Gardening equipment
Gardening equipment is expensive and most insurers accept claims for damages since it is treated as part of personal property.

Fencing forms part of the cover that is included in buildings. Additionally, some insurers provide cover for fencing for losses arising as a result of vandalism.

Insured value of landscaping, fencing and garden
Some brokers can quickly provide you a home insurance quote Calgary based on certain parameters. These parameters include the size of the plot on which your home is situated, description of the fixtures/features that are on the plot, flowers, plants and shrubs that are grown on the land and size of the lawns. The fence is an important element of the overall value.

Experts suggest that in order to arrive at the value, it is a good idea to get an estimate of the replacement cost and to make sure that the insured value is sufficient.

Home insurance broker can provide professional advice
In case you are unsure of what should be the insured value of your landscaping, fencing and gardening equipment, then it is best to contact your home insurance broker who can give you not only professional advice, but also inform you whether these are included in a typical home insurance quote Calgary, or not.

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