Insurance For Your Home Against Mice Damage

Insurance For Your Home Against Mice Damage

A comprehensive home insurance policy in Canada will typically cover all risks that you could possibly associate your home with.

Federal and provincial regulations in Canada stipulate that all Home Insurance Companies Calgary prepare insurance policies that clearly list out the risks covered by them and also mention the exclusions, i.e. the risks that are not covered by the policy.

Keeping in mind these stipulations home insurance policies are prepared for all types of houses in Calgary irrespective whether they are for independent units, duplex houses, apartments or condos.

Is mice damage covered under home insurance?
Most home insurance companies Calgary, as a rule do not provide cover for mice damage in a home insurance policy. This might come as a big surprise to you, but it is true. Mice damage appears as a standard exclusion in most home insurance policies that are available in Canada.

Most homeowners are unaware of this fact and therefore do not take it seriously. For them, the maximum damage that mice can do in the house is rummage through dustbins and eat at whatever leftover and stale food that has been thrown away. However, things start getting serious when mice start chewing on the wiring and reproducing in the walls.

What is the remedy available then to cover against mouse damage, or the cost of extermination of mice and rodents? The remedy is to identify the source of mice and other rodents and to exterminate them.

Exterminating mice and rodents
What is a mouse after all? It is a tiny creature that may seem harmless to you at first, but wait till you hear what harm it can do to your home. Past claims filed with home insurance companies Calgary have records that mention that when mice get into your homes, they can do substantial damage.

For instance, they can chew up insulation and wiring, thus causing fire hazards that are very expensive to repair. Secondly, they can cause a lot of damage by gnawing on expensive paintings, books, mattresses, pillows and vital documents which may not be replaceable. Last but not the least, they can bring in deadly bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause a lot of harm to your family’s health.

You may not realize, but reports have shown that people can fall sick even without coming in direct contact with mice. They fall sick by simply breathing the air that has been contaminated by mouse droppings or urine.

Danger from skunks, squirrels, raccoons and insects
Apart from mice, your home also faces risk of damage from skunks, squirrels, raccoons, insects and other rodents.

Home insurance companies Calgary do not provide a cover against risks posed by these rodents.

The danger from skunks is that they like to burrow under houses and sometimes these burrows can be quite deep. When confronted, skunks can spray a very foul smelling oily secretion that lasts for many days and may not be easy to get rid of.

Raccoons create a mess in the house as well as outside by pilfering into garbage cans, spilling garbage, and creating a mess that takes hours and sometimes even days to correct.

Insects could comprise either termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles and wood borers. They can cause immense damage to your homes by eating wood from inside structures. They eat the cellulose in the wood and create a series of tunnels in which they multiply by hatching eggs. Beetles and wood borers also feed on wood and lay their eggs on top of the wood causing damage to floors, planks, paneling, door frames, furniture and molding.

Taking measures to protect your home from mice and rodents
Below are some measures that can help:
– Get rid of easy entry points such as gaps created by worn thresholds under doors.
– Use metal weather stripping under doors put and weather strip under windows.
– Find cracks in foundations and repair them.
– Put steel wool around pipes when doing a caulking and plastering job.
– Always keep your dryer vents, attic vents, and soffits covered with fine mesh metal screening.

In case the above measures don’t suffice, contact a professional to manage your mice and rodents problem.

Also, read your home insurance policy carefully, especially the exclusions section and call your insurance broker in case you have any questions.

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