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In Kerala For a holiday to remember in 2021! The best places to visit!

1. Alleppey

Alleppey tops this list with photos of Kerala’s best places to visit. Its backwater excursions, houseboats, and peaceful beauty attract a significant number of people. Indeed, this is the best location for some gorgeous Kerala waters. Alleppey as Venice of the East is not a hyperbole portrayal of Lord Curzon. Houseboat holidays in Alleppey are what people are looking for on their Alleppey visitation. There are extensive paddy fields, picturesque chapels, fascinating fishing villages and lakes full of sea lily that makes Alleppey one of Kerala’s most popular tourist destinations for a three-day trip. It is one of the best places during Covid to visit in Kerala.


Keralites’ obsession with cocoa and banana leaves is a successful experiment if you never before have had it. You will be on the old-world tour along cobbled paths and cleaner highways.


2. Munnar

One of Kerala’s most popular hillock resorts, Munnar is one of Kerala’s best tourist places for a 2-day trip. Formerly British Summer Capital, Munnar visitors from around the globe draw tourists. Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for a luncheon. It has about 80,000 kilometers of tea planting, equal measurement of aromatic vegetation, misty valleys, and low flying nuclei.


Cute bungalows, cozy homestays, luxury hotels, and resorts in Munnar are also among the top spots in Kerala, making this a romantic place. The old colonial world has its own charms, and it is undoubtedly a pleasant drive of its own. Treat yourself to an extraordinary mix of comfort and elegance in Munnar’s most incredible resorts.


3. Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a peaceful, tiny hamlet with fascinating scenery, ever nice weather, exotic flora, and wildlife near Vembanad Lake and are now one of Kerala’s most beautiful tourist attractions. There you have an all-round blend of backwaters, authentic Kerala food, fresh air, Keralite warmth and deliciously fresh cocoa. There’s a lot to do, sailing, cruise, houseboats and fishing. 


In the list of the best sights in Kerala Kumarakom holds a special spot. The list also includes tenting waters, painted lakes, aromatic cocoa rainfall, new fresh paddy fields, large forests of mangrove trees, authentic cuisine and unspoilt air freshness. In addition, the houseboat stay in Kumarakom provides a lot more privacy and loneliness than in Alleppey. Even Kumarakom resorts are extraordinarily calm and hypocritical.


4. Wayanad

In Malayalam, Wayanad means the paddy country. Wayanad is one of Kerala’s greenest tourist destinations. Wayanad Tourism is enriched with pious elegance, a peaceful environment, and a rich cultural heritage. After all its rich cultural heritage, customs and tribal heritage are famous. Small unnamed cascades, which haphazardly line up the city, add to the charm of the town. Wayanad is one of Kerala’s most refreshing forest regions, home to some of the lushest green vegetation.


5. Thekkady

Thekkady is just paradise, hidden in dense woods and wild plants, which makes it one of the best tourist forests in Kerala. You can see almost extinct species, tigers, sambars, gaurs and macaques made of lion-tailed. Elephants, lions, deers, bison, boars, Great Native Indian tigers are also available. Thekkady possesses ample elegance and rare wildlife, the most preferred of tourist areas of Kerala. Its Moozhiyar trek to the Thekkady Gavi is one of South India’s most famous routes. Two of Tokkady’s favourite pastimes are boating and wildlife observations.


6. Kovalam

Kovalam beach, one of the best romantic beaches of Kerala, is renowned for its New Year’s celebrations, intense massages, ayurvedic treatments. The shoreline has a crown-shaped shelf that is still full of activity. The uniqueness of the site is enhanced with the people from various nations, cultures and States.


7. Vagamon

There’s an incredible hill station called Vagamon situated remotely hidden from all the hop and surprisingly one of the finest places to visit in Kerala. The hills of Vagamon have certainly won a spot among the finest tourist attractions in Kerala with their magic wilderness, magical garden, stunning dals, aromatic tea plantations and sumptuous valleys. Vagamon’s fresh air and well tended garden are a breath of fresh air.

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