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A dream house should have all the luxuries one can dream of. Home is the place where people find themselves relaxing and connecting with themselves on a deeper level. Therefore, the furniture or every aspect of the interior of the house needs to be perfectly arranged. Some of us also look for a home that has every luxury in it. If you are living in Dubai, you will want a luxury villa or a home full of extravagant facilities all the time. This is what most people dream about living or settling in Dubai.

Perhaps, you already have an amazing home, but little changes can always give you more sense of luxury, so why not? So, if you are renovating your large home then supply it with comfort and every extravagance quality to make it as same as your dream house.

You don’t have to worry if you are getting short on ideas for your modern home renovation in Dubai because we are at your service. We are giving you a list of qualities that your dream house should have. So, here we go


Having a backyard to relax, enjoy some quality time with family or your pets can be an amazing addition to any house. Besides, with ongoing pandemics and lockdown situations, we are all looking for a place to connect with nature. So, having a huge garden in your own home is a blessing at this time.

A large garden will add up to your home’s beauty. Grow some rare plants, flowers, and fruits in your home garden and put a set of chairs in the garden. Natural textured chairs and tables are more preferable to any other type. A high-quality swinging chair will work best as a garden décor. You can also spend some quality time relaxing in that chair.


A swimming pool in the house is no doubt a luxury and not everyone can afford it. And to get this luxury in your home, make a large swimming pool area in your home. Build a swimming pool on most of the swimming area and grow soft grass on the sides of the pool to give it a beautiful feel. Don’t forget to add loungers near the pool so that you can rest after your swimming session.


Nowadays, a home office is not just a luxury but a necessity for many people. If you want to set up the proper environment for the office at home, you need to make sure that you are having the same surroundings as you have in the office. So, you have to think about various factors while you change the home add some space for creating a separate workspace for you. Living out Make a home office in a room keeping the current situation in mind. Focus on the quality of the chair, your work desk, and especially on the lighting of the room. Make a big window to work as a route for natural light to enter the room. Provide your home office with enough comfort so that you can work from home without a hitch.


Everyone wants to read in peace and silence and there is no place better than a library to serve this purpose. Give your library a modern look by investing in trending and up-to-date bookshelves and armchairs, make sure the armchairs are comfy. Supply the library with a decent amount of light. You can also add some plants to the library for a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Almost everyone has dreamt of a home theatre at some point in their life. Set up the perfect theatre in your dream house by installing a large and premium-quality home theatre system. Fix a lot of seats in your home theatre because we know your friends and family can’t resist your impeccable home theatre. You can now enjoy your favorite movie with your partner or friends with a complete theatre feel while still being in your home.


While everyone needs a separate room and privacy, your car needs a bit of attention too. Sunlight may fade your car’s shine and paint. Build a porch in your home to save your car from sunlight or any bad weather. You can also build a garage because it is the best option if you want an enclosed space for your cars.


If you are a gaming lover and wanted a gaming room for so long then it is high time to fulfill your dream. Dedicate a room in your home for gaming and invest in excellent systems and PS’s. Keep some extra controllers to enjoy a cool and big friend’s gaming night.


When working on the interior design of your large and modern home renovation in Dubai don’t forget the concept of different rooms. Because each room has its purpose, so it is better to keep them separated from each other. For example, a separate living room, a dining room, a family room, and an open space for your guests.


Furniture is one of the most important things in home renovation Dubai and it can easily ruin the interior of a house if not chosen well. Focus on the quality and material of the furniture and invest in the best quality of wood. Go for maple, birch, and oak because they are the best of the solid woods. When choosing for seating and bedding, try sitting on them to find out whether they are comfortable or not. For cabinets and cupboards, you should go for built-ins because they are modern and trendy. On the other hand, built-in cabinets also save you space and make the place roomy.


What counts is where you put it! Consider the orientation of new elements before adding them. If you put anything on the stairwell’s shore, for example, you’ll have a canceled move. Consider and prepare where each component should go. Additionally, use a lot of white to build a relaxed and serene atmosphere in your lobby. Your hall will appear clean, tidy, and spacious. If you think too much white would make your hall look too pale, use chocolate hues to create a contrast.


We know that everyone has a different face of a dream house in their heads but these ideas will surely meet your desires. But we do know that everyone appreciates the villa design with a luxurious touch of the décor. So, if you are going for a home renovation this year, you must have the most astonishing view in your mind. We hope that the article helped learn about the spaces you can enhance and change the outlook of your home as you wish it to be. Given these ideas, you can try them for the next plan of your home renovation in Dubai.

Besides, if you think, we have missed out on something on it, you can always reach out with more suggestions to help other people with it.

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