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Graphic Designing

Importance of logos and how they help in building a brand

In this world of cutthroat competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to make their products and services stand. This is due to a plethora of similar products available in the market today, each catering to a different set of audiences based on their prices and other factors.

Now, we all know what target-based marketing is and how each product or service is designed to attract specific customers. Due to this competition consumers have all the power here and the success of any product or service depends entirely on how consumers think about them and consequently what is their reaction towards it.

Marketing tactics such as target marketing can help in attracting new customers, retaining the old ones, and shaping consumers’ views about a particular product or service. Marketing is also one of the best ways to let the customers know about the existence of the product as well. Marketing channels such as advertising on TV, Radio, Newspapers, and even billboards are a great way to convey specific important information to customers about the product and boost its sales. The rise of social has provided another very fruitful avenue for organizations to market and even sell their products.

Businesses today realize the importance of marketing and the wonders it does to make a product successful or a failure. These businesses have literally dedicated huge chunks of their budgets only to satisfy that intent. In these modern times, we see entire channels being run on the ad revenue, such is the power of marketing. However, conveying information about a particular product or service is one thing, and shaping the consumer’s perception through it is another. This is where the concept of branding comes in. Branding in modern times is one of the most effective marketing tools out there.

What is Branding and Why Logo Design is its most important element:

Branding is a practice where a company creates a name, symbol, or design that can later be identifiable by the consumers as a part of that said organization. Its traces can be traced back to the rise of industrialization where fancy fonts were used with the only intention to convey the name of the company to the customers. These fancy fonts became immediately identifiable by the customers and even trustworthy whenever they were encountered again.

Branding allows the organization to build a certain sense of goodwill with customers. It is very effective psychologically as well because we all know how recognizable and relatable objects get our immediate attention. Like everything else, branding to have evolved over the years, and newer areas were introduced that can optimally influence the perception of the customers. The combination of name, symbol, color scheme, or any typography if done right can create an unbreakable bond between you and your customers. One of the most important branding elements out there however is the logo design.

An optimal logo design will become instantly recognizable and memorable by the customers. Now we all know the famous Adidas logo and how it is one of the most recognized logos in the sportswear industry or the Mercedes logo in the automobile industry. These organizations have been at the top of their game and slowly turned into giants only because of their branding strategies and most importantly having an optimal design logo. If you are still confused about whether or not focusing on your logo design is the right thing to do, the following are a few other points that will surely change your mind.

Builds brand identity:

Logos are indeed one of the most important elements of any branding strategy. A well-versed logo design will give your brand a personality and will shape its identity in the eyes of the customers. Make sure that the color scheme and the overall feel are similar on platforms and your advertising is based on your brand’s elements to give a similar feel and for deeper impact.

Instantly recognizable:

Now, we have already mentioned this before but we cannot emphasize this enough. Names are easily forgettable, but an entity attached to a name can be easily recalled and after a few encounters become memorable.

Helps in building trust:

Logos provide a sense of legitimacy to your product. Imagine, a lackluster packaging with no logo attached to the name of the product, the customers will not be able to tell who it is from and consequently ignore the product entirely. Logos on the other tell the customers who is it from and the product that bears a trustworthy logo will get the customer’s preference.

Helps in building loyalty:

This comes after the consumption of the product. If all goes well and the customer leaves satisfied with its consumption it is highly probable that he/she will come back and even prefer another product that bears the same logo.



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