hPage Website Builder Review

For anyone who wants to build a website, hPage website builder is a useful go-to online tool on the internet. Many people love using it for the following reasons: they are easy to use and you don’t have to learn how to code or do programming in order to use one.

People who use website builders come from all walks of life. One might use them for writing a blog, building their online portfolio, business website, blogging, monetizing a service, and more. Websites are very powerful when it comes to expanding your reach and audience online and it is no wonder why many people use it.

One of the website builders emerging right now is the hPage.com website builder. According to their data, over 2 million websites have already been created using the platform and for only a minimal price of upkeep, I am not surprised why people are flocking to this site.

Let’s look at hPage Website Builder’s information and its features.


You have the option to build a free website on hPage.com or avail of a premium website version. The premium website is paid with a monthly fee of about 5 euros/$6 USD per month and comes with upgraded features. It is an all-in price and you don’t have to pay any more after that.

For its price, it’s quite affordable compared to other website builders. Most website builders have a monthly average fee of $15-$30 USD with less or the same features. hPage is cheaper and more affordable.

You also have the option to acquire a free website if you are not sure with the upgrade yet. You can try out the basic version (free) for as long as you want until you decide to upgrade.


According to their website, they have the following features when you create a website on their site:

  • Content: File Upload, Images, Videos, Photo Galleries
  • Marketing: SEO Optimized web pages, Newsletters
  • Templates: Customization, Unique Templates, Design Editor
  • Domains: Top Level Domains, Free Subdomains 
  • Addons: Guestbook, Contact Form, Blog, Sitemap, Shoutbox, Link List, Intro, Pinboard, Polls
  • Security: Password Protection, Member Area, SSL Encryption
  • Visitor Statistics: Location, Browser, Operating System, Resolutions
  • Business: Multiple Websites, Automated Backups, Rollback, Versioning, Audit Log
  • License: proprietary
  • Deployment: Saas
  • Market size: small and mid-size
  • Disk Space (MB): 300 (Free), 5000 (Paid)
  • Monthly Bandwidth (MB): unlimited
  • File-Size Limit (MB): 50 MB
  • Additional Features: Unlimited Pages, Top Level Domain (TLD), E-Mail Addresses, over 300 Design Templates, Page Backups, Audit Log, Blog, Calendar, Member Area, Newsletter, Password Protection, Pinboard, Photo Galleries, Guestbook, Visitor Statistics, etc.

Looking at all these features, I think you get the value for your money. The performance per cost is really affordable. For only a maintenance payment of approximately $12 per month, you get a professional website with all the features needed for your business, blog, or portfolio.

Most website builders are around the $15 fee per month, so relatively, you can save a lot of money with the hPage.com website builder in the long run yet you still get the benefits of its premium services and offers for each website that you make with them.

Is hPage Good for Making a Blog or Website?


Whether you want a free website or free blog, or if you’re thinking about upgrading to a premium version, it will be easy for you to create one. 

Adding and editing the web pages of your site is made easy with the Page Editor feature as well as adding files of various kinds under the ‘Files’ Menu. 

You can also get live data analytics of your site so if you plan to do projects with other brands or companies, you can easily give them an overview of your site’s data and traffic. There’s also contact forms for easier communication which you can put on your web page as well as a newsletter feature so you can send out emails to your site’s subscribers.

There are many more features for you to explore so why don’t you check out the site yourself and see? Visit hPage.com and create a website today!

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