How You Can Attract the Best Possible Candidates for Your Workplace Vacancies

Although you, as an employer, may be of the mindset that it is you who will decide who works at your company, the truth of the matter is it is the candidate’s decision on whether or not they will apply. Therefore, in order to attract those that you want to work for your business, you are going to have to make adjustments to how you sell yourself.

These adjustments include:

#1 Widen your candidate pool

You may have to keep in mind that the perfect candidate may not live within a commutable distance of your place of work and may not want or be able to relocate. Or, for that matter, have dependants that cannot be left on their own for long periods of time. In these circumstances, you should make it known in your recruitment advertisement that you would be happy for the work to be carried out remotely or on-site or as a hybrid worker if the right candidate has ties to the home on certain days.

#2 Offer flexible working hours

Offering flexible working hours may not just suit your new recruits but may also suit your current employees as well. Opening your business doors at, say, seven in the morning and closing them at seven in the evening will provide your employees with a twelve-hour window within which to complete their daily working hours.

This means that you could have workers coming in at seven in the morning and going home early and similarly having other workers turning up late and working until you close your doors at seven in the evening. This could help single parents with school runs or those that are early or night owls make the most of their days.

#3 Provide your employees with additional perks

Undoubtedly, nowadays everyone wants a perks or bonus package in with their employment contract. These bonuses or perks are known as employee value propositions, and offering the right one or a selection can be the difference between being shortlisted for applications and missing the desirable candidate.

Of course, you are going to have to offer the same or a similar package to your current employees, and it will have to be something that is relevant to them. To get it right, you should speak to your employees and, where possible, ask them to fill out surveys to see who would benefit from what is on offer. Having an employee experience platform such as Simpplr will make this process far easier for you so that you can ascertain which employee value proposition fits your employees the best.

#4 Show candidates how they can progress within your business

If your preferred candidate is likely to be career driven, you will have to provide a career path within your business so that they see the route they will need to take to progress their career. Employees that like the business that they are working for due to job satisfaction and employee experience are likely to stay within that business rather than leave. This loyalty is improved greatly if there is a chance of progression or promotion within that business itself.

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