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How WL Position improves?

Ways to improves WL positions

In our entire life, we have at least once had has a train journey. It is no doubt an enjoyable journey but sometimes it gets hampered a lot when we see a WL/RAC. Ever wondered what does a WL means besides your ticket or in your online ticket? Those who don’t know WL here you can get information about WL and how you can improve the WL as well. So firstly WL basically means Waiting list, which depicts that the ticket you have taken is still not reserved and you can’t really go to the reserved section until and unless that WL is removed from the ticket.

Is there any method of improving the WL position?

Yes the WL position constantly changes and it depends upon many factors. The major factor among of all them is the timing of advance booking your ticket. The early you book your ticket the maximum change will be there to improve your WL

Three top ways to improve your WL quickly:

  • Sometimes due to a low cancellation fee, people tend to book tickets in every possible train one eternity back so that when the date comes close, they choose which will be the most appropriate one and eventually cancel the rest. So in this process, a lot of other people’s WL seems to improve.
  • Online booking has some reservations fro every train available like there are quotas for military officials, government employees, railways employee, and some handicapped cases as well. and there are some cases as well when these tickets aren’t sold out and because of this WL seems to improve a lot.
  • Sometimes it is advised to book tickets in the lower class and then upgrade that to higher classes and when the time of your journey comes closer you can revert back to your original position which is the lower one.

but eventually, there is a thing which is worth mentioning is that in any Indian holidays, some of the general tickets of trains and even in buses the tickets literally sold out in a minute. So in those cases, it becomes really tough to get a confirmed ticket or you can say you can murder your hope related to a confirmed ticket. Either you book the ticket way earlier or you decide to drop the plan, it’s all up to you.

How to view that the WL has improved or not?

Everything has been online these days, similar is the case with PNR number which has been introduced by Railways. So this is a 10 digit unique number which is printed over the top left corner of every unique ticket. Whenever you feel that there might be any update in the WL list you can instantly view the ticket by entering the PNR code on the official website of Railways. Just enter the number and check the stats, that is all you need to do without many efforts. So we really hope that the ways be which you can improve your PNR works and you get your confirmed tickets.

Also, you can check the status of your PNR number on a third party website like

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