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How to write a CBT Exam? How is the Computer-based test conducted?

From primary to tertiary education, a process to analyze the outcome of knowledge is digitized. Assessments are prominent for the evaluation process as they focus on accuracy and encourage students to perform better. Educators were dependent on the conventional means of the exam. However, after the advent of technology online proctoring software has become necessary. In this innovation, a CBT Exam has emerged intensively. 

Computer based examination is an alternative to the traditional form of examination. It is time-efficient and cost-effective. Also, it can conduct mass examinations. The demand for conducting computer-based examinations has increased rapidly in the post-pandemic. After the pandemic, the education sector has grown through many challenges. Schools and colleges were seeking a regulatory framework for ongoing teaching and learning. 

The computer based examination has revolutionized the exams. It has reduced the burden of examination authorities for conducting exams. It has also reduced the operation cost and workforce cost. 

How does a computer-based exam work? 

  • Application Registration 
  • Centre Allocation 
  • Generating Hall Ticket 
  • Question Paper Creation 
  • Test on Computer 
  • Result Declaration  

How CBT Exam is conducted? 

  • How to start: You can start the exam through three ways; login through a link, make an account on the portal or store a test on the computer. 
  • The first page of the exam: You should enter the login details like username or password. 
  • Mention the information: Select the options, like the name of the subject and the name of the test which would be given to you before the test begins. You should mention the right options in the test. 
  • Always look at the BACK and NEXT buttons: Once you have completed the first page of the test, click on the Next button to move on to the next page of the test. Similarly, if you have missed something click on the Back button to fill in the answer.

Types of computer-based exam

There are two types of computer-based exam: linear and adaptive.
A linear test is a full-length test wherein the computer chooses various questions for you without thought of your performance level. It also comprises a full scope of test questions – from simplest to generally troublesome – however not consistently all together. The linear test is scored similarly as a paper-based test.

A computer adaptive test is one in which the computer chooses the scope of questions in light of your performance level. These questions are taken from an exceptionally enormous pool of potential inquiries ordered by content and trouble.

At the point when you take a paper-based test, you will observe that you are asked to respond to questions going from simple to hard. In a computer adaptive test, each test-taker gets questions that are at the right degree of trouble for their level. These tests start with a question that is of medium level of trouble for most test takers. After each question is responded to, the computer utilizes the response and all past answers to figure out which question will be addressed straightaway. The following question is one that best follows the past performance.

Since computer adaptive test questions are chosen by execution on past questions, you invest less energy than you would on a paper-put together test with respect to questions that are either excessively simple or excessively hard. Assuming you make an imprudent mistake and answer erroneously or on the other hand on the off chance that you answer accurately by making a fortunate speculation, the questions you later get may not be fitting as far as anyone is concerned or ability level. You can’t skirt ahead or return like you can on a paper-based test.

Benefits of computer based examination 

In online learning, assessments are essential. It offers accuracy, validity, and security. The computer based examination offers many advantages to educators and students. Students are embracing computer-based testing as it is giving them the flexibility to give exams from anywhere and anytime. Here are the advantages which are as follows: 

  • Multiple-Test Administration: Learners can attempt multiple assessments of an e-learning program. The data gathered from the examination can be harmonized with national standardized data so that candidates can analyze the basis of these standards. Through LMS you can export data. 
  • Dynamic and Personified assessments: Exams are personalized according to the student’s needs. Educators can manage the difficulty level of the test. A student is allowed to give exams on skype or facetime. 
  • Instant Grading: Online examination can generate results instantly right after submitting the exam. The instant results help educators to give feedback on the student’s performance. Also, it would encourage students to learn better. 
  • Uncover student Thinking: It helps in measuring the thinking skills of the students. Also, it determines the decision-making ability of a candidate. Also, it would help in focusing on the competencies of the candidate. 
  • Engaging: The use of videos and video annotation tools would make the assessment engaging and interactive. New technology is making learning interesting and helping students share and grasp knowledge. 

Therefore, a computer-based exam is offering numerous benefits in every domain and it is also making the examination process easier and transparent. That is why, the corporate sector is switching to the remotely proctored exam for keeping the complete authenticity of the exam. They are embracing the technology for selecting the true candidate for the particular job role. It is effortless and flexible and saves operational costs.

An online examination is a prominent tool for measuring the student’s learning with the intent of generating outcomes. Technology is also revolutionizing the pace of education and learning outcomes. 

CBT Exam & Educational Institutions

It is permitting institutes to focus on the performance of the students. Before the pandemic, institutes were dependent on conducting pen and paper-based examinations. After the advent of technology, education has altered completely. They have come up as an alternative to conducting exams online. There was a misconception that the accuracy and fairness of the exams would be maintained. Hence, online examinations ensure the proper safety of the examination. 

cbt examComputer based examination is an exquisite choice of the institute for primary education. Educators are relying on this new invention as it is making the evaluation process simple and faster. Also, it allows organizations to hire candidates faster and fair. Many organizations across the nation are relying on computer-based examinations. It is a completely automated process that requires less time. Moreover, it is also helping differently-abled candidates to give exams. There are various proctoring features that maintain the accuracy of the exam. 

Why to choose Think Exam for conducting safe and secure examinations or assessments?

Think Exam is the leading name in the field of examination and online assessment solution provider. Think Exam is the product of Ginger Webs which is one of the leading and globally accepted technology company and India’s first company to develop a product for evaluating examination on paper, web, mobile and tablet devices. It is one stop solution for conducting online examination, assessment, computer based examination or paper based tests. Think Exam is online exam software and leading online assessment platform for conducting cheating proof remotely proctored online examinations and assessments for hiring. Candidates can also give exams anywhere and anytime. Also, teachers can monitor the candidate during the exam. You only need good internet connection and a digital device like computer for the same.

Physical examinations encompass lots of challenges for institutes and students. Think Exam CBT examination solution is a multi-function incorporated solution to digitize paper based examinations. This is a SAAS-based CBT platform that manages computer based examinations and assessments efficiently. Education institutes are gearing up for the effect of the pandemic disruption and e-studying is outweighing offline education. The want for a sturdy and scalable choice for undertaking assessments is evident. Think Exam CBT platform additionally includes superior capabilities that could deal with the want of the assessments. It is also a holistic solution that caters to the examination cycle with out hampering the candidate’s experience. Think Exam platform additionally weed out all of the hurdles inherent in offline examinations.

Think Exam helps in providing real exam experience to students who is preparing for competitive examinations like JEE or NEET Entrance Exams. Every student needs a second chance.

How Think Exam CBT Platform is becoming “helping hand for students and institutes”?

Think Exam CBT can help students in making them familiar with actual exam scenarios. It is a helping hand for schools/institutes to manage computer based exams with complete transparency.  Think Exam CBT Platform is also very helpful for conducting mock exams seamlessly.

  • It offers Real Exam Experience to Students
  • Same Environment as Actual exam’s guideline
  • Result Generation in the desired format
  • Students can check the tutorial help/guide if they are not aware about their CBT Exam

It can thus identify and validate the Student’s Performance for Competitive Exams and boost their confidence if required. CBT examination system saves paper by conducting examinations on digital platform like computer. Moreover, with CBT platform, it is quite easy for the teachers or examiners in generating results. Also, it is becoming the future of examination system and that is why many schools, colleges or government institutions are conducting their examinations on CBT Platform. Finally, we can say that Education System is changing as per technology.

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