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How To Use Social Media As A Musician

Let’s start this article off by acknowledging that we musicians have a really tough life. And so, if no one has told you this until now, let me be the first to say Kudos on sticking with the grind, and I am proud of you.

Adding to the challenges of being a musician, tackling social media to enhance your brand can come as a bit of a challenge. Reaching new people, finding fans, creating new and bigger opportunities: these are all things that can be brought forward through social media. 

Did you know that Facebook has around 2 billion active users, and Instagram has a billion more! As a musician, you should be leveraging YouTube Live as it gains more eyeballs than SoundCloud or Bandcamp!

There is huge potential within the social media market for you to leverage, and through this article, I hope to show you just how well you can do that.

  • Basics of Social Media

When you create a new profile on social media, it is understandable that you might not create professional-level content right away. There is a learning curve, and you can scale that quickly. The thing is to start. When you start, keep in mind that your profile pictures and cover pictures are all of the correct dimensions. Have a nice bio in all of your profiles. These are the two basic things that you can do to set up your profile correctly.

  • Use Social Media to Promote your Events

When it comes to social media to gain new fans, nothing can beat it! There are so many viewers actively consuming your content that it becomes a criminal offense to waste that space. Use the cover photo section on Facebook and Twitter to promote your live concerts. Use the Events section to tell your fans what to expect from you. Always have your profile updated concerning all the upcoming events.

  •  Engage with your Followers

Social Media is a great space to engage with your fans and new followers. If you want brand loyalty, here is where you start from. Create content where you encourage your fans to comment and share their thoughts. Feature their best comments. Host giveaways to gain more engagement with your brand. The options for creativity are endless. 

  • Backstage Fun? Share it with your Fans!

Social Media is a great outlet for connecting with your fans in a much more intimate setting. Show them behind the scenes action and let them feel part of your brand or community. This not just increases engagement but also builds brand loyalty. Your fans begin to feel more connected with you, and that encourages them to yearn for more content from you. Give them exclusive entry to new shows by announcing to your followers before putting up the official dates. All these strategies create a family and a coming together, which is more powerful than anything you have ever seen. 

  • Crowdsource Content

Do you know what your fans long to see? An opportunity to take a selfie with you or to talk with you. Do you know what would surpass this expectation? Getting their pictures on your feed! They would feel so special, and you now have more special and memorable content on your feed. Win-win for both!

There are many other strategies to grow your social media presence, which is specially wrapped around music. Using music mixing tools during an exclusive live stream on youtube, just for your followers: they would love and cherish you so much more! The opportunities are truly endless; we would encourage you, start. Stay consistent. You will learn and grow along the way, just like you did with your music career.


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