How To Use A Hopper-Fed Powder Coating Gun

Powder coating is a superior finishing system that offers many benefits over liquid paint and powder-coating products. Powder coating provides rust protection and durability on parts not previously coated. A wide variety of colors, textures and finishes are available along with the ability to apply multiple layers of coatings on thick sections and hard to reach areas that liquid paint can not. Because of its many benefits and beautifying attributes, powder-coating is quickly becoming the coating of choice for amateur and professional painters alike.

The Hopper-fed Powder Coating Gun makes applying powder coatings to parts much easier than traditional guns that need to be hooked up to a compressor at all times. These units allow you to work in all areas of your shop or outdoors. The hopper holds the powder coating material and has a feed tube that connects to your handlebar gun or turbine unit once it is attached to the hopper.

1) Attach the air compressor hose to the Air Inlet on your handle bar powder-coating gun. If you are using a hopper-fed Powder coating gun, you can directly attach the hose to your high pressure air compressor with an in line regulator set at around 90 PSI; then attach the air hose to the quick connect on your powder coating hopper.

2) Set your air compressor’s output pressure between 80 and 100 PSI. If you are using a hand-held powder coating gun, then you can set you compressor’s output pressure between 80 and 100 PSI. If you are using the hopper-fed powder coater, adjust the regulator on your high pressure air line so that it outputs at around 90 PSI.

3) Ensure that the On/Off switch of your air compressor is in the ‘off’ position.

4) Pick up your powder-coating gun and place it at a 90 degree angle to the surface of part being coated. Start by placing the nozzle 1/2 inch from the edge of your part’s surface; then squeeze the trigger of your handlebar gun or turbine unit, which actuates the air compressor’s On/Off switch. If you are using a hopper-fed powder coating gun, then place your hopper with the outlet facing downward and push it against your part until material is forced out of your nozzle.

5) Begin moving the tip of your powder-coating gun back and forth over the surface of the part, keeping the gun’s nozzle 1/2 inch away from the part at all times. Pass over each area of your part 10 to 15 times. If you are using a hopper-fed powder coating gun, then move your hopper back and forth across your parts surface until all areas have been covered with material.

6) Continue squeezing your trigger or pushing your hopper against your part until all of your material has been used. If you are using the handlebar gun, then the On/Off switch will automatically turn off when you stop squeezing the trigger. The turbine unit must be shut off manually by turning the meter counter clockwise to ‘0.’ This actuates a safety mechanism that shuts off the air compressor.

7) Turn your On/Off switch to the ‘off’ position and disconnect the air hose from your powder-coating gun’s dust shroud. If you are using a hopper-fed powder coating gun, push your hopper back away from your part until it stops feeding material onto your part.

We hope this will help you operate your hopper-fed powder coating gun.

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