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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health in Hard Times? Yoga!

During these hard times it is really important to take care of your mental health but the real question is: how to do it? Experts state that there are many ways to do so without you having to work very hard. However, this advice on mental health varies from person to person. As a generalized rule, it is understood that doing exercise is extremely beneficial for mental health. Many around the globe believe yoga and meditation really help the cause. Pharmaceutical companies along with other sectors have been pressing hard to raise awareness for mental health all along. So let’s understand how does yoga help us?

Young woman doing yoga
Young woman doing yoga in the morning park for Relaxing . A key toHealthy Lifestyle.

One should know that the soul that is more caring and sensitive tends to suffer more. Generalized status of people’s mental health has taken a nosedive with the implementation of lockdowns and this is not happening in just one or two countries, rather it’s a global matter. People around the globe are worried on how to address their mental health issues. Humans were not hardwired this way, we tend to socialize, live in groups, talk our hearts out and share things. When all of a sudden life has come to a halt and nobody is allowed to meet anybody, where people are put away from their loved ones, and there is no sharing and caring, things have taken a disastrous turn if examined from the aspect of mental health.

There are certain chemicals or as you say hormones that are secreted by our body that tend to keep our anxiety levels low. Apart from doing this, these hormones are also responsible for mood changes like being happy, sad, or any other. When we are confined to the four walls of our homes and aren’t allowed to interact, coupled with no movement and a stationary lifestyle, the level of these chemicals starts to diminish. This in turn leads to constant sadness and deteriorating mental health.

Yoga and Mental HealthWhat yoga does is that it increases body awareness, concentration, and attention. It also reduces strain, inflammation, and muscle tension and above all it calms the nervous system. Yoga has been associated with increased levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. This is a chemical that helps regulate the very nerve activity. In addition to this, it enhances the sense of social well-being and alleviates symptoms of hyperactivity, depression, and sleep disorders. Pharmaceutical companies in Karachi realize the importance and have been campaigning about mental health awareness.

All in all, yoga can be really life turning for you. It can help you achieve what you have been thinking of doing by helping you concentrate and increasing your attention span. Stretch your legs and arms so that you can concentrate better and focus sharply! Recently, Martin Dow along with others took it to their social media to highlight the importance of yoga.

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