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How to start an on demand app based taxi business like Uber for the disabled?

In today’s time, accessibility is key. Disability is no longer looked at as an inability, but a minor difficulty in achieving things that ordinary people can. Every facet of life has started making inclusions to ensure that accessibility for all is an easy possibility. This is why; if you have been catching the winds of the current market trends, you may be wanting to start your own on demand app based taxi business like Uber for the disabled.

Today, technology in every form has morphed into an easy and accessible thing for people. With smart phones equipped with every feature to make sure that even the disabled can use mobile applications to their full extent, it is time for app like Uber too to become more accessible.

So, if you are working on an on demand taxi booking application like Uber, these are the few things that you must include in your app to ensure that they are accessible by the disabled as well.

Voice Activated Support for log in and booking

When it comes to making an app accessible, you want to ensure that it is easy for the user to find, download and log in to it. The easiest way to do it is by enabling voice activated guides for it. This means that when the user tries to log into the app, he or she will be able to log in to it with the help of voice activated guidelines. The process will be simple so that they don’t have to fret about the app to make their own account.

What’s more, the app also ensures that booking the taxi can be managed using voice. This means that the user can speak into the app and the app will book the ride for them. Believe it or not, this simple feature will go a long way in making sure that the app is accessible by the handicapped or the disabled.

Online Payment

While this may seem to be a very flimsy detail, please understand that after a ride is completed, it might be very difficult for a disabled person to make payment using cash. The hassles of counting the money, coming up with the right amount of change to do so and then finishing the trip might become a cumbersome thing to do. This is why; one must ensure that the features of online payment facility are but available in the app.

You can do this by ensuring that any powerful and reliable payment gateway can be used to make payment using the app. The disabled rider should be able to use their credit card or debit card to make the payment for the ride once it is completed.

Saved Destination and Pick Up points

Like it is mentioned before, the primary objective of the app is to make sure that getting a ride is absolutely easy regardless of the state of the user’s ability. The app itself should have a provision to allow the users to save a destination and a pick up point. This way the user will not be forced to put in their destination and pick up details each time a ride is needed.

This is a very important feature that might come in handy, not just for your disabled users but also your regular users who commute to office every day or a fixed location. Why hassle them with tedious entries when the app can help them by saving it?

Special Accessibility Vehicles

Sometimes, certain disabled people can not ride in ordinary vehicles. They need specialized vehicles to ensure that they can get inside the taxi or get out of it easily. What’s more, the cabs may be required to have some special equipment such as oxygen tanks, or bottles of water etc.

The app should have a special provision that makes sure that the riders and users know that this is an available option. They can simply select that option and ensure that they can get the kind of cab that they are looking for.

SOS and Safety

The app should ensure that the riders feel safe and comfortable in riding using your services. This means that when the customer is engaged in the ride, they should feel secure. In case they need help or if anything goes wrong, there should be an SOS button on the application that helps the user to just click it once and receive the needed support.


On the whole, these features do make the app very usable and easy for the disabled, however, they will also be very helpful for your ordinary and regular users. The taxi booking app is growing in popularity with every passing day. While it is true that the corona virus pandemic lockdown slowed business for a few months, now that normalcy is returning back, this business is back on track with a big boom.

If you are planning to start a business based on an on demand taxi booking app like Uber, this is the right time for you. If you make sure that you have closely borne in mind the features that we have just discussed here, then there is no doubt about the fact that you will be extremely successful!

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